Radioscience Laboratory

The Radioscience Laboratory, lead by prof. Luciano Iess, is specialized in radio science, planetary geodesy and analysis of radio tracking data of interplanetary spacecraft.

The team takes part in some of the most important ESA and NASA space exploration missions, and has achieved significant scientific results in geophysics, orbit determination and fundamental physics, also in collaboration with other important research institutes. The laboratory has active participation in radioscience experiments onboard the NASA's Juno and VERITAS missions, and ESA's BepiColombo and JUICE missions, participating also in the NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission. These missions covers most of the Solar System: the terrestrial planets Mercury and Venus, and the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, and their moons.

More recently, leading the ATLAS consortium, the team proposed an Orbit Determination and Time Syncronization (ODTS) architecture based on an innovative tracking techniques for the future ESA Moonlight initiative for a Lunar Radio Navigation System (LRNS).

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