Fabrizio Lirer


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Active and passive seismic methods to explore areas of active faulting. The case of Lamezia Terme (Calabria, southern Italy) JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS 2021
A 4,500-year record of palaeomagnetic secular variation and relative palaeointensity from the Tyrrhenian Sea Geomagnetic field variations in the pas.: New data, applications and recent advances 2020
Paleoclimate history of the last 2700 years in the Southern Adriatic Sea. Coccolithophore evidences HOLOCENE 2020
The Late Holocene tephra record of the central Mediterranean Sea. Mapping occurrences and new potential isochrons for the 4.4-2.0 ka time interval JOURNAL OF QUATERNARY SCIENCE 2020
Impact of the freshwater inflow from the Volturno river on the coastal circulation FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE 2020
Globorotalia truncatulinoides in Central -Western Mediterranean Sea during the Little Ice Age MARINE MICROPALEONTOLOGY 2020
Persistent warm Mediterranean surface waters during the Roman period SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020
Rare earth elements and Nd isotopes as tracers of modern ocean circulation in the central Mediterranean Sea PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY 2020
High resolution paleo-environmental changes during the Sapropel 1 in the North Ionian Sea, Central Mediterranean HOLOCENE 2020
The 4.2 ka BP event in the Mediterranean Region. An overview CLIMATE OF THE PAST 2019
Climate and human influence on the vegetation of Tyrrhenian Italy during the last 2000 years. New insights from microcharcoal and non-pollen palynomorphs GEOGRAFIA FISICA E DINAMICA QUATERNARIA 2019
Climatic variability over the last two millennia in the Mediterranean area. A review from marine paleoarchives GEOGRAFIA FISICA E DINAMICA QUATERNARIA 2019
Integrated quantitative calcareous plankton bio-magnetostratigraphy of the Early Miocene from IODP Leg 342, Hole U1406A, Newfoundland Ridge, NW Atlantic Ocean STRATIGRAPHY AND GEOLOGICAL CORRELATION 2019
The Gediz supradetachment system (SW Turkey). Magmatism, tectonics and sedimentation during crustal extension TECTONICS 2019
Evidence for a link between the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and annual asthma mortality rates in the US SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
In search of the Burdigalian GSSP. New evidence from the Contessa Section (Italy) ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES 2019
Mediterranean Neogene planktonic foraminifer biozonation and biochronology EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS 2019
Electromagnetic field evaluation and EMI on board during a marine geophysical data acquisition (COSMEI) MEASUREMENT 2019
Holocene hydrography evolution in the Alboran Sea. A multi-record and multiproxy comparison CLIMATE OF THE PAST 2019
Late holocene forest dynamics in the Gulf of Gaeta (central Mediterranean) in relation to NAO variability and human impact QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2018

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