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In reply to "Ways to improve outcome of decompressive craniectomy: judicious utilization of microneurosurgical technique adjuncts" WORLD NEUROSURGERY 2017
In Reply to the Letter to the Editor Regarding "Acute Spinal Epidural Hematoma After Acupuncture. Case Report and Literature Review" WORLD NEUROSURGERY 2017
Reconstructive endovascular treatment of a ruptured blood blister-like aneurysm of anterior communicating artery JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGICAL SCIENCES 2017
Endoscope-assisted resection of calcified thoracic disc herniations EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL 2016
In normal aging ventricular system never attains pathological values of Evans' index ONCOTARGET 2016
Symptomatic spinal cord bending after meningioma resection: a technical case report JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2016
Stance postural strategies in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy PLOS ONE 2016
A systematic review and meta-analysis of treatment and outcome of blister-like aneurysms AJNR, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY 2016
Autologous Skull Bone Flap Sterilization after Decompressive Craniectomy: An Update WORLD NEUROSURGERY 2016
Measurement of bone flap surface area and midline shift to predict overall survival after decompressive craniectomy WORLD NEUROSURGERY 2016
Emergency decompressive craniectomy after removal of convexity meningiomas SURGICAL NEUROLOGY INTERNATIONAL 2016
Progressive cognitive impairment evolving to dementia parallels parieto-occipital and temporal enlargement in idiopathic chronic hydrocephalus: a retrospective cohort study FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2015
Endovascular superselective treatment of brain tumors: a new endovascular era? A quick review Journal of neurointerventional surgeryJOURNAL OF NEUROINTERVENTIONAL SURGERY 2015
Balance dysfunction in Parkinson's disease BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2015
Bloodletting from the ankle vein to treat sciatic pain. PAIN MEDICINE 2015
Vincenzo Quercioli (1876-1939), researcher and pioneer of the atlas fracture. JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY. SPINE 2015
Ischaemic stroke with partial haemorrhagic transformation related to a small-sized tuberculum sellae meningioma. NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2015
Post-traumatic Collet-Sicard syndrome: personal observation and review of the pertinent literature with clinical, radiologic and anatomic considerations EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL 2015
Selective attentional deficit in essential tremor: Evidence from the attention network test PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS 2015

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