Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Performance improvements for search systems using an integrated cache of lists + intersections INFORMATION RETRIEVAL 2017
Minimizing worst-case and average-case makespan over scenarios JOURNAL OF SCHEDULING 2017
Algorithms for Hierarchical and Semi-Partitioned Parallel Scheduling 2017 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS) 2017
A scheduling model inspired by control theory Proceedings of the 25 th international conference on real-time networks and systems RTNS 2017 2017
ILP-based approaches to partitioning recurrent workloads upon heterogeneous multiprocessors 2016 28th Euromicro conference on real-time systems (ECRTS 2016). Toulouse, France 5-8 July 2016 2016
Enumeration of minimal stoichiometric precursor sets in metabolic networks ALGORITHMS FOR MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2016
A Combinatorial Algorithm for Microbial Consortia Synthetic Design SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016
Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling with Hierarchical Processor Affinities 2016 28th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS) 2016
Preemptive uniprocessor scheduling of mixed-criticality sporadic task systems JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY 2015
Assigning sporadic tasks to unrelated machines MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING 2015
Response-Time Analysis of Conditional DAG Tasks in Multiprocessor Systems Proc. Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems 2015
The Global EDF Scheduling of Systems of Conditional Sporadic DAG Tasks Proceedings 27th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems 2015
Strong LP formulations for scheduling splittable jobs on unrelated machines MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING 2015
Memory-processor co-scheduling in fixed priority systems RTNS '15: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Real Time and Networks Systems 2015
Capitolo 1 - Introduzione Il Futuro della Cyber Security in Italia 2015

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