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Nearly zero energy building model predictive control for efficient heating 2018 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2018 2018
Thermodynamic simulation of a small-scale organic Rankine cycle testing facility using R245fa ENERGY PROCEDIA 2018
Buoyancy-driven convection of nanofluids in inclined enclosures CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN 2017
Effects of the aspect ratio on the optimal tilting angle for maximum convection heat transfer across air-filled rectangular enclosures differentially heated at sides JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE 2017
Demand side management in mixed residential/commercial buildings with PV on site generation 2017 IEEE/IAS 53rd Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Technical Conference, I and CPS 2017 2017
Natural convection from a pair of differentially-heated horizontal cylinders aligned side by side in a nanofluid-filled square enclosure ENERGY PROCEDIAENERGY PROCEDIA 2017
Demand side management in microgrids for load control in nearly zero energy buildings IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS 2017
An example of smart building with a km zero energy performance IEEE IAS 2017 2017
Dynamic thermal features of insulated blocks: Actual behavior and myths ENERGIES 2017
Buoyancy-induced convection of water-based nanofluids in differentially-heated horizontal Semi-Annuli THERMAL SCIENCE 2017
Definition of parameters useful to describe dynamic thermal behavior of hollow bricks ENERGY PROCEDIA 2017
Effect of thermal diffusivity of insulating materials on room free-float temperature with façade external insulation Proceedings of 33rd PLEA International Conference: Design to Thrive, PLEA 2017 2017
Riqualificazione energetica dell’architettura residenziale bellica in Italia Collotui.AT.e 2016 Mater(i)a. Materials, ARchitecture, Technology, Energy, Environment, Reuse, Interdisciplinary, Adaptability 2016
Smart micro grids for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings 2016 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting 2016
MaimAir: A flexible and modular energy storage system for tomorrow energy banks Advanced Materials - TechConnect Briefs 2016 2016
The recovery sustainable urban water systems management and Green Roofs. Widespread conversion of impervious surfaces existing greened surfaces in urban areas Euro-ELECS 2015 - Proceedings Vol 1 2015
Thermal inertia of hollow wall blocks: actual behavior and myths CISBAT 2015 Proceedings 2015
Summer free cooling ventilation potential of rock bed heat storage CISBAT 2015 Proceedings 2015
Natural convection of water near 4°C in a bottom-cooled enclosure ENERGY PROCEDIA 2015
Usefulness and Effectiveness of Retention Layers in Green Roofs PLEA Proceedings 2015 2015


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  • Sustainable technologies & development

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Efficienza energetica di sistemi e processi, termofisica degli edifici, trasmissione del calore per convezione


heat transfer
HVAC systems
building energy efficiency
energy efficiency

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