Angela Gismondi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Multicentre harmonisation of a six-colour flow cytometry panel for naïve/memory T cell immunomonitoring JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH 2020
Functional role of dendritic cell subsets in cancer progression and clinical implications INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020
Negative regulation of innate lymphoid cell responses in inflammation and cancer IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2019
NK cell reconstitution in paediatric leukemic patients after T-cell-depleted HLA-haploidentical haematopoietic stem cell transplantation followed by the reinfusion of iCasp9-modified donor T cells JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2019
Chemokine regulation of innate lymphoid cell tissue distribution and function CYTOKINE & GROWTH FACTOR REVIEWS 2018
Impact of bone marrow-derived signals on NK cell development and functional maturation CYTOKINE & GROWTH FACTOR REVIEWS 2018
Translating the anti-myeloma activity of Natural Killer cells into clinical application CANCER TREATMENT REVIEWS 2018
JAK/STAT signaling in regulation of innate lymphoid cells: The gods before the guardians IMMUNOLOGICAL REVIEWS 2018
Key role of the CD56lowCD16low Natural Killer cell subset in the recognition and killing of Multiple Myeloma cells CANCERS 2018
Differential microRNA expression between decidual and peripheral blood natural killer cells in early pregnancy HUMAN REPRODUCTION 2018
High expression levels of IP10/CXCL10 are associated with modulation of the natural killer cell compartment in multiple myeloma LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA 2017
Role of distinct natural killer cell subsets in anticancer response FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2017
Innate immune activating ligand SUMOylation affects tumor cell recognition by NK cells SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Reconstitution of multifunctional CD56(low)CD16(low) natural killer cell subset in children with acute leukemia given α/β T cell-depleted HLA-haploidentical haematopoietic stem cell transplantation ONCOIMMUNOLOGY 2017
HaCaT Cells as a Reliable in Vitro Differentiation Model to Dissect the Inflammatory/Repair Response of Human Keratinocytes MEDIATORS OF INFLAMMATION 2017
Role of Natural Killer Cells in Sonic Hedgehog driven Medulloblastoma JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2017
Polyfunctional Melan-A-specific tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells elicited by dacarbazine treatment before peptide-vaccination depends on AKT activation sustained by ICOS ONCOIMMUNOLOGY 2016
Capsaicin triggers autophagic cell survival which drives epithelial mesenchymal transition and chemoresistance in bladder cancer cells in an Hedgehog-dependent manner ONCOTARGET 2016
NK cell effector functions in a Chédiak-Higashi patient undergoing cord blood transplantation: Effects of in vitro treatment with IL-2 IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2016
Multifunctional human CD56low CD16low natural killer cells are the prominent subset in bone marrow of both healthy pediatric donors and leukemic patients. HAEMATOLOGICA 2015

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