Teresa Rinaldi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Neuroserpin Inclusion Bodies in a FENIB Yeast Model MICROORGANISMS 2021
The C-terminal region of yeast Ubiquitin-protein ligase Not4 mediates its cellular localization and stress response FEMS MICROBIOLOGY LETTERS 2021
Analysis of moonmilk nanofibers in the etruscan tombs of Tarquinia AIP Conference Proceedings 2021
Mars: new insights and unresolved questions INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ASTROBIOLOGY 2021
Calcium carbonate of microbial origin in the Etruscan tombs of Tarquinia. MEMORIE DELLA SOCIETÀ ASTRONOMICA ITALIANA 2021
Teapot or milkpot? About the content of a small, spouted jar from eb iv (2300-2000 b.c.e.) Tell es-Sultan, ancient Jericho MEDITERRANEAN ARCHAEOLOGY & ARCHAEOMETRY. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL 2021
The COP9 signalosome mediates the Spt23 regulated fatty acid desaturation and ergosterol biosynthesis THE FASEB JOURNAL 2020
Artemisinin derivatives with antimelanoma activity show inhibitory effect against human dna topoisomerase 1 ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2020
The central role of gut microbiota in drug metabolism and personalized medicine FUTURE MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2020
Characterization of nanostructured calcium carbonate found in two ancient Etruscan tombs Nanoinnovation 2019 2020
The divine spirit of bees. A note on honey and the origins of yeast-driven fermentation VICINO ORIENTE 2020
An Egyptian green schist palette and an amazonite gemstone from the “Palace of the Copper Axes” at Batrawy, Jordan VICINO ORIENTE 2020
Active microbial ecosystem in Iron-Age tombs of the Etruscan civilization ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 2020
Proteasome Lid Bridges Mitochondrial Stress with Cdc53/Cullin1 NEDDylation Status REDOX BIOLOGY 2019
Ergosterol reduction impairs mitochondrial DNA maintenance in S. cerevisiae BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY OF LIPIDS 2019
The hypoxic transcription factor KlMga2 mediates the response to oxidative stress and influences longevity in the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis FEMS YEAST RESEARCH 2019
Use of organoids in medicinal chemistry: challenges on ethics and biosecurity FUTURE MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2019
The proteasome lid triggers COP9 signalosome activity during the transition of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells into quiescence. BIOMOLECULES 2019
Statins interfere with the attachment of S. cerevisiae mtDNA to the inner mitochondrial membrane JOURNAL OF ENZYME INHIBITION AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2019
Analisi microbiologica Tarquinia. La tomba degli scudi 2019

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