Walter Lacarbonara


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Nonlinear dispersion properties of metamaterial beams hosting nonlinear resonators and stop band optimization MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2022
A Krylov accelerated Newton-Raphson scheme for efficient pseudo-arclength pathfollowing INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS 2022
The effect of branched carbon nanotubes as reinforcing nano-filler in polymer nanocomposites COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 2022
Global Optimization of a Turbine Design via Neural Networks and an Evolutionary Algorithm Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences 2022
Nonlinear Normal Modes For Damage Detection: Theoretical Concepts And Preliminary Experimental Validation International Conference Proceedings Series: The 8th World Conference On Structural Control And Monitoring (8WCSCM) 2022
Nonlinear Normal Modes For Damage Detection: Analytical Results and Experiments SCOPUS 2022
Parametrically driven morphing of thin piezoelectric surfaces 2022
Piezoelectrically induced nonlinear resonances for dynamic morphing of lightweight panels JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION 2021
Parametric resonances of nonlinear piezoelectric beams exploiting in-plane actuation MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2021
Nonlinear dynamic response of an isolation system with superelastic hysteresis and negative stiffness NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 2021
A ring vibration isolator enhanced by shape memory pseudoelasticity APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING 2021
Exploration of the Nonlinear Effect of Pendulum Tuned Mass Dampers on Vibration Control JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING MECHANICS 2021
Buckling and postbuckling of extensible, shear-deformable beams: Some exact solutions and new insights INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS 2021
Cable tension identification via nonlinear static inverse problem STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING 2021
Nonlinear dynamic response of a multilayer piezoelectric nanocomposite microbeam with tip mass COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 2021
Three-part humeral head fractures treated with a definite construct of blocked threaded wires: finite element and parametric optimization analysis JSES INTERNATIONAL 2021
Pathfollowing of high-dimensional hysteretic systems under periodic forcing NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 2021
Nonlinear dynamic response of a wire rope isolator: Experiment, identification and validation ENGINEERING STRUCTURES 2021
Optimal Design and Seismic Performance of a Nonlinear {TMD} with Pinched Hysteresis {NODYCON} Conference Proceedings Series 2021
Variable Length Sling Load Hoisting Control Method {NODYCON} Conference Proceedings Series 2021


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  • Nanotecnologie
  • Advanced materials


Nonlinear dynamics
vibration control
CNT Nanocomposites
elastic metamaterials

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