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IL-21 promotes Granzyme B-dependent NK/plasmacytoid dendritic cell functional interaction in cutaneous lupus erythematosus EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2017
The atypical receptor CCRL2 is required for CXCR2-dependent neutrophil recruitment and tissue damage BLOOD 2017
Dendritic cell recruitment and activation in autoimmunity JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 2017
Role of atypical chemokine receptors in microglial activation and polarization FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2017
The atypical receptor CCRL2 (C-C chemokine receptor-like 2) does not act as a decoy receptor in endothelial cells FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2017
Leukocyte trafficking in tumor microenvironment CURRENT OPINION IN PHARMACOLOGY 2017
IL-21 may promote Granzyme B-dependent NK/plasmacytoid dendritic cell functional interaction in cutaneous lupus erythematosus JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2017
Impairment of dendritic cell functions in patients with adaptor protein-3 complex deficiency BLOOD 2016
CCRL2 regulates M1/M2 polarization during EAE recovery phase JOURNAL OF LEUKOCYTE BIOLOGY 2016
Pro-lymphangiogenic properties of IFN-γ-activated human dendritic cells IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 2016
TLR signalling pathways diverge in their ability to induce PGE2 MEDIATORS OF INFLAMMATION 2016
Dendritic cell-derived VEGF-A plays a role in inflammatory angiogenesis of human secondary lymphoid organs and is driven by the coordinated activation of multiple transcription factors ONCOTARGET 2016
Chemokines as relay signals in human dendritic cell migration: serum amyloid A kicks off chemotaxis EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2015
The TGF-β superfamily in dendritic cell biology CYTOKINE & GROWTH FACTOR REVIEWS 2015
Chemokines as effector and target molecules in vascular biology CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH 2015
An atypical addition to the chemokine receptor nomenclature: IUPHAR review 15 BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY 2015
Interferon-α production by plasmacytoid dendritic cells is dispensable for an effective anti-cytomegalovirus response in adaptor protein-3-deficient mice JOURNAL OF INTERFERON AND CYTOKINE RESEARCH 2015


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Interessi di ricerca

Regulation of innate immune responses. Signal transduction of chemotactic receptors with special regard to phospholipid metabolism. Chemokines and their role in pathology. Biology of dendritic cells. Role of Dendritic cells in autoimmune diseases and in tumors.


acute and chronic inflammation diseases
cancer inflammation
dendritic cells
cell migration

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