Irene Bozzoni


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Mutant FUS and ELAVL4 (HuD) aberrant crosstalk in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis CELL REPORTS 2019
miR-135a Regulates Synaptic Transmission and Anxiety-Like Behavior in Amygdala MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 2018
Protein complex scaffolding predicted as a prevalent function of long non-coding RNAs NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2018
A Regulatory Circuitry Between Gria2, miR-409, and miR-495 Is Affected by ALS FUS Mutation in ESC-Derived Motor Neurons MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 2018
Characterization of the lncRNA transcriptome in mESC-derived motor neurons: Implications for FUS-ALS STEM CELL RESEARCH 2018
The Long Non-coding RNA lnc-31 Interacts with Rock1 mRNA and Mediates Its YB-1-Dependent Translation CELL REPORTS 2018
Deficiency in the nuclear long noncoding RNACharme causes myogenic defects and heart remodeling in mice EMBO JOURNAL 2018
The lncRNA Charme regulates skeletal muscle differentiation and heart development Abstract book 2018
Non-coding regulation of myogenic chromatin Abstract book 2018
Multifunctional system-on-glass for lab-on-chip applications BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS 2017
The long noncoding RNA linc-NeD125 controls the expression of medulloblastoma driver genes by microRNA sponge activity ONCOTARGET 2017
FUS affects circular RNA expression in murine embryonic stem cell-derived motor neurons NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017
Circ-ZNF609 Is a Circular RNA that Can Be Translated and Functions in Myogenesis MOLECULAR CELL 2017
MiR-142-3p is a key regulator of IL-1β-dependent synaptopathy in neuroinflammation THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2017
Drosophila CG3303 is an essential endoribonuclease linked to TDP-43-mediated neurodegeneration SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
FUS mutant human motoneurons display altered transcriptome and microRNA pathways with implications for ALS pathogenesis STEM CELL REPORTS 2017
Chapter 14: Circular RNA expression, function and regulation in neural systems Essentials of noncoding RNA in neuroscience. . 2017
microRNAs Modulate Spatial Memory in the Hippocampus and in the Ventral Striatum in a Region-Specific Manner MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 2016
The lack of the Celf2a splicing factor converts a Duchenne genotype into a Becker phenotype NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016
RNA-Binding protein HuR and the members of miR-200 family play an unconventional role in the regulation of c-Jun mRNA RNA 2016

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