Rita Businaro


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Immunohistochemical detection of IL-17 and IL-23 improves the identification of patients with a possible diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome PATHOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE 2020
Nutraceuticals as potential therapeutics for vesicant-induced pulmonary fibrosis ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 2020
Pulmonary toxicants and fibrosis: innate and adaptive immune mechanisms TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY 2020
Milmed treatment alleviates symptoms of allergy and improves general health JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY AND ALLERGY 2020
Blueberry counteracts bv-2 microglia morphological and functional switch after lps challenge NUTRIENTS 2020
The role of diet in preventing and reducing cognitive decline CURRENT OPINION IN PSYCHIATRY 2020
Multidisciplinary Approaches to the stimulation of Wound Healing and Use of Dermal Substitutes in Chronic Phlebostatic Ulcers Wound Healing. Current perspectives 2019
Blueberry-Based Meals for Obese Patients with Metabolic Syndrome: A Multidisciplinary Metabolomic Pilot Study METABOLITES 2019
Multidisciplinary approaches to the stimulation of wound healing and use of dermal subistitutes in chronic phlebostatic ulcers Wound Healing Current Perspectives 2019
Amelioration for allergic rhinitis and asthma. The treated yeast milmed and physical exercise JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY 2019
Exercise-induced epigenetic modifications for beneficial health manifestations JOURNAL OF AGEING AND RESTORATIVE MEDICINE 2019
Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of ketogenic diet. New perspectives for neuroprotection in alzheimer’s disease ANTIOXIDANTS 2018
Modulation of inflammation as a way of delaying alzheimer’s disease progression: The diet’s role CURRENT ALZHEIMER RESEARCH 2018
Oxidative Stress Induces HSP90 Upregulation on the Surface of Primary Human Endothelial Cells: Role of the Antioxidant 7,8-Dihydroxy-4-methylcoumarin in Preventing HSP90 Exposure to the Immune System OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY 2018
Platelet lysate-derived neuropeptide y influences migration and angiogenesis of human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2018
Anti-inflammatory effects of blueberry extract in microglial cells XXXIX Congresso Nazionale SINU 2018 2018
Inflammation and endocannabinoid system: the role of epigenetic modifications in BV2 cells treated with amyloid beta peptide Epigenetics in the nervous system: development and disease 2018
Wounds difficult to heal. An effective treatment strategy CURRENT VASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY 2017
MDCT of the liver in obese patients. evaluation of a different method to optimize iodine dose ABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY 2017
Interleukin-18 modulation in autism spectrum disorders JOURNAL OF NEUROINFLAMMATION 2016

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