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Sport related sudden death. The importance of primary and secondary prevention JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 2022
Incidence of ventricular arrhythmias after biventricular defibrillator replacement. Impact on safety of downgrading from CRT-D to CRT-P MINERVA CARDIOLOGY AND ANGIOLOGY 2022
Cardiovascular effects of COVID-19 lockdown in professional football players PANMINERVA MEDICA 2022
Cardiovascular disease prevention in the worksite. Where are we? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY 2022
Limited diagnostic value of questionnaire-based pre-participation screening algorithms. A "risk-exposed" approach to sports activity JOURNAL OF BASIC AND CLINICAL PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY 2022
Severe infrarenal aortic neck angulation alone may not be a predictor of adverse outcomes in the medium term following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY 2022
Impact of weather and pollution on the rate of cerebrovascular events in a large metropolitan area PANMINERVA MEDICA 2022
International consensus statement on challenges for women in cardiovascular practice and research in the COVID-19 era MINERVA CARDIOLOGY AND ANGIOLOGY 2022
Unequal opportunities in Italian cardiovascular research. Focus on gender PANMINERVA MEDICA 2022
Cluster analysis of weather and pollution features and its role in predicting acute cardiac or cerebrovascular events MINERVA MEDICA 2022
Sacubitril/valsartan, left ventricular reverse remodeling and advanced echocardiographic imaging: is it a resolved conundrum? MINERVA CARDIOLOGY AND ANGIOLOGY 2022
Of Size and Men: A Call for Larger Trials and Meta-Analyses on Vasopressors During General Anesthesia JOURNAL OF CARDIOTHORACIC AND VASCULAR ANESTHESIA 2021
The role of antioxidants supplementation in clinical practice: focus on cardiovascular risk factors ANTIOXIDANTS 2021
Impact of chronic use of heat-not-burn cigarettes on oxidative stress, endothelial dysfunction and platelet activation. The SUR-VAPES Chronic Study THORAX 2021
A snapshot global survey on side effects of COVID-19 vaccines among healthcare professionals and armed forces with a focus on headache PANMINERVA MEDICA 2021
Trans-thoracic echocardiographic evaluation of young athletes during pre-participation screening: preliminary results MEDICINA DELLO SPORT 2021
Cuore d'atleta Malattie Cardiovascolari - Approccio Clinico e Scientifico 2021
Circulating miR-184 is a potential predictive biomarker of cardiac damage in Anderson–Fabry disease CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2021
Use of post-mortem chest computed tomography in Covid-19 pneumonia FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL 2021
Time to reconsider the importance of autonomic function in paralympic athletes with spinal cord injury-reply JAMA CARDIOLOGY 2021


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sports cardiology


preventive cardiology
exercise training
sports medicine
oxidative stress (OS)

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