Stefano Lupi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Strontium substituted tricalcium phosphate bone cement: short and long-term time-resolved studies and in vitro properties ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 2022
Infrared spectroscopy characterization of MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins for sensoristic platform. Abstract in atti di congresso 2022
High Sensitivity Monitoring of VOCs in Air through FTIR Spectroscopy Using a Multipass Gas Cell Setup SENSORS 2022
Detection of low VOCs concentration through IR spectroscopy Abstract in atti di congresso 2022
Tunable Chemical Reactivity and Selectivity of WO3/TiO2 Heterojunction for Gas Sensing Applications ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES 2022
Optical and thermal responses of silicene in Xene heterostructures NANOSCALE HORIZONS 2022
Performance Evaluation of a THz Pulsed Imaging System: Point Spread Function, Broadband THz Beam Visualization and Image Reconstruction APPLIED SCIENCES 2021
Selection rules for the orbital angular momentum of optically-produced THz radiation OPTICS LETTERS 2021
Atomic structure of CO2-bearing melts along the carbonatite-basalt join at high pressure and temperature Abstracts of JpGU Meeting 2021
Infrared nanospectroscopy reveals DNA structural modifications upon immobilization onto clay nanotubes NANOMATERIALS 2021
Detection of volatile organic compounds: From chemical gas sensors to terahertz spectroscopy REVIEWS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2021
Virus recognition with Terahertz radiation: drawbacks and potentialities JPHYS PHOTONICS 2021
Simultaneous elliptically and radially polarized THz from one-colour laser-induced plasma filament NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2021
Disordered photonics behavior from terahertz to ultraviolet of a three-dimensional graphene network NPG ASIA MATERIALS 2021
Low energy electrodynamics of CrI3 layered ferromagnet SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Structural anisotropy in three dimensional macroporous graphene: A polarized XANES investigation DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS 2021
PANI-Modified Ti-Doped CVD Diamond As Promising Conductive Platform to Mimic Bioelectricity Functions ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 2021
The viscosity and atomic structure of volatile-bearing melilititic melts at high pressure and temperature and the transport of deep carbon MINERALS 2020
Angular dependence of copper surface damage induced by an intense coherent thz radiation beam CONDENSED MATTER 2020
Spatially Resolved Spectral Imaging by A THz-FEL CONDENSED MATTER 2020

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