Alessandra Adrover


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Gelation of the internal core of liposomes as a strategy for stabilization and modified drug delivery II. Theoretical analysis and modelling of in-vitro release experiments INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS 2020
Significance of rarefaction, streamwise conduction, and viscous dissipation on the extended Graetz–Nusselt problem. The case of finite-length microchannels with prescribed wall heat flux INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2020
Enhanced loading efficiency and mucoadhesion properties of gellan gum thin films by complexation with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin PHARMACEUTICS 2020
Combining electrostatic, hindrance and diffusive effects for predicting particle transport and separation efficiency in deterministic lateral displacement microfluidic devices BIOSENSORS 2020
A non-isothermal moving-boundary model for continuous and intermittent drying of pears FOODS 2020
Gellan gum/laponite beads for the modified release of drugs: experimental and modeling study of gastrointestinal release PHARMACEUTICS 2019
A moving boundary model for isothermal drying and shrinkage of chayote discoid samples: comparison between the fully analytical and the shortcut numerical approaches INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2019
Laminar dispersion at low and high Peclet numbers in a sinusoidal microtube: point-size versus finite-size particles PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019
Space-time resolution of size-dispersed suspensions in Deterministic Lateral Displacement microfluidic devices. Running Deterministic Lateral Displacement under transient conditions to improve separation resolution: a proof of concept THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. SPECIAL TOPICS 2019
The role of shrinkage on food isothermal drying: a moving boundary model CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2019
Mass transport in polymers through the theory of stochastic processes possessing finite propagation velocity CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2019
On the three-dimensional structure of the flow through deterministic lateral displacement devices and Its effects on particle separation PROCESSES 2019
Exact moment analysis of transient dispersion properties in periodic media PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019
On the long-term simulation of stochastic differential equations for predicting effective dispersion coefficients PHYSICA. A 2019
A moving boundary model for food isothermal drying and shrinkage. One-dimensional versus two-dimensional approaches JOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESS ENGINEERING 2019
Freeze-dried nanocomposite gel beads for oral drug delivery. In vitro simulation of gastro-intestinal drug release Proceedings of Eurodrying 2019 2019
Taming axial dispersion in hydrodynamic chromatography columns through wall patterning PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2018
Design of a tunable nanocomposite double network hydrogel based on gellan gum for drug delivery applications EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL 2018
Effect of glycerol on the physical and mechanical properties of thin gellan gum films for oral drug delivery INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS 2018
A moving boundary model for food isothermal drying and shrinkage. General setting JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING 2018

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