Antonio Curra'


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
NIR spectral signatures of flexor and extensor muscles of the upper and lower limb in humans at varying lengths 2019
The Ventricular System Enlarges Abnormally in the Seventies, Earlier in Men, and First in the Frontal Horn: A Study Based on More Than 3,000 Scans FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2019
Intracerebral hemorrhage after cranioplasty: an unpredictable treacherous complication due to reperfusion or possible systemic inflammatory response syndrome NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2018
Near infrared spectroscopy of human muscles Proceedings of SPIE - Optical biopsy XVI. Toward real-time spectroscopic imaging and diagnosis 2018
Attentional functioning in individuals with 22q11 deletion syndrome. Insight from ERPs JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION 2018
Near infrared spectroscopy as a tool for in vivo analysis of human muscles Smart biomedical and physiological sensor technology XV 2018 2018
Attention in Parkinson’s disease with fatigue: evidence from the attention network test JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION 2017
Electromyographic assessment of paratonia EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2017
Do flexible inter-injection intervals improve the effects of botulinum toxin a treatment in reducing impairment and disability in patients with spasticity? MEDICAL HYPOTHESES 2017
Diplopia as isolated presentation of varicella zoster central nervous system reactivation JOURNAL OF NEUROVIROLOGY 2017
Learning "how to learn": Super declarative motor learning is impaired in parkinson's disease NEURAL PLASTICITY 2017
A randomised controlled cross-over double-blind pilot study protocol on THC:CBD oromucosal spray efficacy as an add-on therapy for post-stroke spasticity BMJ OPEN 2017
Spasticity and spastic dystonia: the two faces of velocity-dependent hypertonia JOURNAL OF ELECTROMYOGRAPHY AND KINESIOLOGY 2017
Neurophysiology of the pelvic floor in clinical practice: a systematic literature review FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY 2017
In normal aging ventricular system never attains pathological values of Evans' index ONCOTARGET 2016
The effect of cannabinoids on the stretch reflex in multiple sclerosis spasticity INTERNATIONAL CLINICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2016
Effects of cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation on attentional processing of the stimulus. evidence from an event-related potentials study NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2016
Stance postural strategies in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy PLOS ONE 2016
Attentional dysfunctions in Ataxia-teleangectasia: a psychophysiological study 2016
Cerebellum and attention: evidence from an Event-Related Potentials and transranial Direct Current Stimulation study 2016

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