Valentino Valentini


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Oxford manuale di odontoiatria clinica Oxford Manuale di Odontoiatria Clinica 2020
Tobacco, alcohol and family history of cancer as risk factors of oral squamous cell carcinoma: case-control retrospective study APPLIED SCIENCES 2020
MRONJ and ORNJ: When a single letter leads to substantial differences ORAL ONCOLOGY 2020
Genetically-driven CD39 expression shapes human tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cell functions INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER 2020
Head and neck osteosarcoma—the ongoing challenge about reconstruction and dental rehabilitation CANCERS 2020
Preoperative evaluation of tumor depth of invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma with intraoral ultrasonography: a retrospective study ORAL SURGERY, ORAL MEDICINE, ORAL PATHOLOGY AND ORAL RADIOLOGY 2020
Secondary rhinoplasty in Binder Syndrome: considerations and management of complex problem with heterologous bone graft THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 2020
Induction chemotherapy in nonlaryngeal human papilloma virus-negative high-risk head and neck cancer: a real-world experience ANTI-CANCER DRUGS 2020
Phase 2 of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and head and neck cancer: an action plan ORAL DISEASES 2020
Management of a rare case of squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue in a patient affected by progeria ORAL ONCOLOGY 2020
Comparison between VII-to-VII and XII-to-VII coaptation techniques for early facial nerve reanimation after surgical intra-cranial injuries: a systematic review and pooled analysis of the functional outcomes NEUROSURGICAL REVIEW 2020
Letter: anosmia in COVID-19: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 through the nasoliary epithelium and a possible spreading way to the central nervous system-a purpose to study NEUROSURGERY 2020
Letter: Internal Auditory Canal Variability: Anatomic Variation Affects Cisternal Facial Nerve Visualization OPERATIVE NEUROSURGERY 2020
Head and Neck Cancer Treatment during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Central Experience in Rome. Emergency Management, Infection Prevention and Control CANCERS 2020
Head and neck cancer cannot wait for this pandemic to end: Risks, challenges and perspectives of oral-maxillofacial surgeon during COVID-19 ORAL ONCOLOGY 2020
Accuracy of virtual planned surgery versus conventional free-hand surgery for reconstruction of the mandible with osteocutaneous free flaps INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY 2020
Surgical management of the acromegalic face: Could the aesthetic improvement of the face influence the patient's QoL? Combined surgical approach ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY CASES 2020
Paediatric vascular malformations of head and neck: From diagnosis to treatment DENTAL CADMOS 2020
Have There Been any Changes in the Epidemiology and Etiology of Maxillofacial Trauma During the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Italian Multicenter Study THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 2020
“Pull-through” Resection for Total and Subtotal Glossectomy Involving the Posterior Third of Tongue APPLIED SCIENCES 2020

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