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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Roman aqueduct flow estimation using geomatic measurement ISPRS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEO-INFORMATION 2021
Reconstructing the Late Pleistocene – Anthropocene interaction between the neotectonic and archaeological landscape evolution in the Apennines (La Sassa cave, Italy) QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2021
The contribution of open-source gis software and open spatial data for the re-evaluation of landslide risk and hazard in view of climate change GEOGRAPHIA TECHNICA 2021
Integrated geomatic techniques for the localization and georeferencing of ancient hermitages INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE PHOTOGRAMMETRY, REMOTE SENSING AND SPATIAL INFORMATION SCIENCES 2021
Editorial for special issue. Geomatics application for geography (gag) in geographia technica GEOGRAPHIA TECHNICA 2021
A new branch of the Anio novus aqueduct (Rome, Italy) revealed by archaeology and geophysics 28th CIPA Symposium on Great Learning and Digital Emotion, CIPA 2021 2021
First considerations on post processing kinematic GNSS data during a geophysical oceanographic cruise ACTA IMEKO 2021
Unsupervised classification based approach for coastline extraction from Sentinel-2 imagery 2021 International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea; Learning to Measure Sea Health Parameters (MetroSea) 2021
Orthorectification of prisma images Planet Care from Space (volume n. 2) 2021
Shoreline extraction based on an active connection matrix (ACM) image enhancement strategy JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2020
How to circumvent the limitations of open source software and orthorectify how (or better) than with commercial software Egu proceedings 2020
A flexible and swift approach for 3D image–based survey in a cave APPLIED GEOMATICS 2020
Precise point positioning with single and dual-frequency multi-GNSS android smartphones 10th International Conference on Localization and GNSS, ICL-GNSS 2020 - CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2020
The fusion of external and internal 3D photogrammetric models as a tool to investigate the ancient human/cave interaction. The la Sassa case study INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE PHOTOGRAMMETRY, REMOTE SENSING AND SPATIAL INFORMATION SCIENCES 2020
Integration of UAV data with soil water balance models for evaluation/monitoring of maize water stress AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF CROP SCIENCE 2020
Using optical satellite and aerial imagery for automatic coastline mapping GEOGRAPHIA TECHNICA 2020
Geomatic measurement of “New Aniene” and “Claudia” roman aqueducts for flows estimation IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2020
Use of the sensors of a latest generation mobile phone for the three-dimensional reconstruction of an archaeological monument: The survey of the Intihuatana stone in Machu Picchu (Peru') IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2020
Integrated geomatic techniques for georeferencing and reconstructing the position of underground archaeological sites. The case study of the Augustus sundial (Rome) REMOTE SENSING 2020
Integrated geomatic methodologies to reconstruct the ancient topography of Rome 2020


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close range photogrammetry
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Cultural Heritage protection
close range 3D modelling
Cultural Heritage

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