Simona Zaami


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Effectiveness of combined strategies for the prevention of hypothermia measured by noninvasive zero-heat flux thermometer during cesarean section FRONTIERS IN MEDICINE 2021
BDZs, designer BDZs, and Z-drugs: pharmacology and misuse insights CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 2021
Intrapartum ultrasonography and medicolegal issues Intrapartum Ultrasonography for Labor Management: Labor, Delivery and Puerperium 2021
Restraints and seclusion in psychiatry: striking a balance between protection and coercion. Critical overview of international regulations and rulings RIVISTA DI PSICHIATRIA 2020
Nootropics use in the workplace. Psychiatric and ethical aftermath towards the new frontier of bioengineering EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2020
The rise of new psychoactive substances and psychiatric implications: a wide-ranging, multifaceted challenge that needs far-reaching common legislative strategies HUMAN PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2020
The role of number of copies, structure, behavior and copy number variations (CNV) of the Y chromosome in male infertility GENES 2020
Y RNA: an overview of their role as potential biomarkers and molecular targets in human cancers CANCERS 2020
Monitoring perinatal exposure to cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids THERAPEUTIC DRUG MONITORING 2020
Use of methylphenidate analogues as cognitive enhancers: the prelude to cosmetic neurology and an ethical issue FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY 2020
Perinatal and post-partum infections in times of Coronavirus: are compliance with cautionary measures and safety protocols key factors in staving off litigation? ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS 2020
Intensive and pharmacological care in times of COVID-19: a “special ethics” for emergency? BMC MEDICAL ETHICS 2020
The health threat of γ-butyrolactone (GBL): Hair analysis in a case of intoxication TOXICOLOGIE ANALYTIQUE ET CLINIQUE 2020
Editorial: new trends of substance abuse: looking for new psychotropic effects of chem sex drugs, cognitive enhancers, and new psychoactive substances FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY 2020
Consequences of COVID-19 lockdown on the misuse and marketing of addictive substances and new psychoactive substances FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY 2020
Uhplc-hrms and gc-ms screening of a selection of synthetic cannabinoids and metabolites in urine of consumers MEDICINA 2020
Development and validation of fast UHPLC-MS/MS screening method for 87 NPS and 32 other drugs of abuse in hair and nails: application to real cases ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2020
New trends of substance abuse during COVID-19 pandemic: an international perspective FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY 2020
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate abuse: pharmacology and poisoning and withdrawal management ARHIV ZA HIGIJENU RADA I TOKSIKOLOGIJU 2020
Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol time courses in the sera of "light cannabis" smokers: discriminating light cannabis use from illegal and medical cannabis use THERAPEUTIC DRUG MONITORING 2020

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