Gianluca Coppola


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Local stability of the trunk in patients with degenerative cerebellar ataxia during walking CEREBELLUM 2017
Excitability of the motor cortex in patients with migraine changes with the time elapsed from the last attack THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2017
Progression of gait ataxia in patients with degenerative cerebellar disorders. A 4-year follow-up study CEREBELLUM 2017
Frequency-dependent habituation deficit of the nociceptive blink reflex in aura with migraine headache. Can migraine aura modulate trigeminal excitability? HEADACHE 2017
Impaired brainstem and thalamic high-frequency oscillatory EEG activity in migraine between attacks CEPHALALGIA 2017
Harmony as a convergence attractor that minimizes the energy expenditure and variability in physiological gait and the loss of harmony in cerebellar ataxia CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS 2017
Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation over the left temporal pole restores normal visual evoked potential habituation in interictal migraineurs THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2017
Use of dynamic movement orthoses to improve gait stability and trunk control in ataxic patients EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE 2017
Cerebral gray matter volume in patients with chronic migraine: correlations with clinical features THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2017
Reliability and repeatability of testing visual evoked potential habituation in migraine: A blinded case-control study CEPHALALGIA 2017
The use of illicit drugs as self-medication in the treatment of cluster headache. Results from an Italian online survey CEPHALALGIA 2016
Lateral inhibition in the somatosensory cortex during and between migraine without aura attacks. Correlations with thalamocortical activity and clinical features CEPHALALGIA 2016
Pathophysiological targets for non-pharmacological treatment of migraine CEPHALALGIA 2016
Three-dimensional analysis of the shoulder motion in patients with massive irreparable cuff tears after latissimus dorsi tendon transfer (LDT) ARCHIVES OF ORTHOPAEDIC AND TRAUMA SURGERY 2016
Gait patterns in patients with hereditary spastic paraparesis PLOS ONE 2016
Cortical functional correlates of responsiveness to short-lasting preventive intervention with ketogenic diet in migraine. A multimodal evoked potentials study THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2016
Thalamo-cortical network activity between migraine attacks. Insights from MRI-based microstructural and functional resting-state network correlation analysis THE JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 2016
Thalamo-cortical network activity during spontaneous migraine attacks NEUROLOGY 2016
Visual and auditory cortical evoked potentials in interictal episodic migraine: An audit on 624 patients from three centres CEPHALALGIA 2016
Highlights in migraine electrophysiology. Are controversies just reflecting disease heterogeneity? CURRENT OPINION IN NEUROLOGY 2016


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Interessi di ricerca

Neurophysiology of headaches, migraine in particular. Brain plasticity. Pain. Personally carried out several experiments using Evoked Potentials (somatosensory, visual, and auditory), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Electromyography, functional and structural Neuroimaging.


Episodic migraine
Chronic migraine
cluster headache
clinical neurophysiology

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