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Dr. Lionetti has a proven track record in the field of plant-pathogen interactions. He is an expert in the dynamic modifications of the composition and structure of the cell wall polysaccharides during pathogen infection. Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes (CWDEs) are expressed by pathogens during host invasion to penetrate the cell wall barrier and colonize the tissue. Plants evolved the ability to sense loss of cell wall integrity and trigger defence responses leading to an improved resistance to disease (Figure). Dr. Lionetti has contributed to understanding the molecular bases of plant defence to biotic stresses. He demonstrated that the modulation of the expression of CWDEs or their inhibitors in planta represents a useful tool to improve plant resistance to pathogens and to investigate the role of an altered structure and integrity of wall polysaccharides in plant-pathogen interactions. Moreover, he demonstrated that alterations of pectin esterification impact on cell wall degradability and on plant susceptibility to pathogens. Dr. Lionetti, by applying his competence in the glycomics of cell wall polysaccharides, uncovered specific cell wall components remodelled to resist against fungal necrotrophs. He is considered an international expert on the modification of pectin methyl esterification in the plant-pathogen interaction. He also proposed biotechnological applications of the CWDEs and their inhibitors to improve saccharification of cell wall polysaccharides and protoplast isolation.


Plant cell wall
plant biology
Plant immunity
Pectin methyl esterases
Pectin methyl esterase inhibitors
plant cell
Botrytis cinerea

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