Andrea Ballesio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Insomnia symptoms moderate the relationship between perseverative cognition and backward inhibition in the task-switching paradigm FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Poor Cognitive Inhibition Predicts Rumination About Insomnia in a Clinical Sample BEHAVIORAL SLEEP MEDICINE 2019
Executive functions in insomnia disorder: a systematic review and exploratory meta-analysis FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2019
Updating internal cognitive models during sleep THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2019
Efficacia di un training di regolazione delle emozioni in un gruppo di studenti universitari. COGNITIVISMO CLINICO 2019
Validation of a brief scale assessing Eating Self-Efficacy PSYCHOTHERAPY AND PSYCHOSOMATICS 2019
Effects of pre-sleep cognitive intrusions on subjective sleep and next-day cognitive performance in insomnia BEHAVIOR THERAPY 2019
The impact of cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia on objective sleep parameters: a meta-analysis and systematic review SLEEP MEDICINE REVIEWS 2019
The effectiveness of behavioural and cognitive behavioural therapies for insomnia on depressive and fatigue symptoms: a systematic review and network meta-analysis SLEEP MEDICINE REVIEWS 2018
Is poor sleep associated with obesity in older adults? A narrative review of the literature EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS 2018
The effects of one night of partial sleep deprivation on executive functions in individuals reporting chronic insomnia and good sleepers JOURNAL OF BEHAVIOR THERAPY AND EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHIATRY 2018
Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia reduces ruminative thinking SLEEP AND BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS 2018
Decreased inhibitory control after partial sleep deprivation in individuals reporting binge eating JOURNAL OF SLEEP RESEARCH 2018
Italian adaptation of the Insomnia Catastrophising Scale (ICS): a tool to evaluate insomnia-specific catastrophic thinking SLEEP AND BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS 2018
Assertiveness, insomnia and depression: which relationship? SLEEP MEDICINE 2017
Italian validation of the Insomnia Catastrophizing Scale (ICS): An instrument to assess insomnia-specific catastrophizing thoughts SLEEP 2017
Executive functions impairments in insomnia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. SLEEP MEDICINE 2017
Emotional experience, presence and severity of insomnia and depressive symptoms. An ecological study of their effects on sleep quality MENTAL HEALTH IN FAMILY MEDICINE 2016
Commentary: the relationship between sleep complaints, depression, and executive functions on older adults FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2016
The effect of acute and chronic partial sleep deprivation on attentional and emotional responses to food stimuli MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2016


  • LS5_15
  • SH4_3

Interessi di ricerca

  • Clinical Psychology: cognitive-affective mechanisms involved in the onset and maintenance of sleep disorders; cognitive-behavioural therapies for insomnia; sleep in mental disorders; transdiagnostic factors in psychopathology. 
  • Psychoneuroimmunology: brain-to-immune / immune-to-brain interactions; inflammation in mental disorders and stress conditions; neurotrophic factors in mental disorders; efficacy of psychological therapies on immune and inflammatory outcomes. 

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