Valerio Ghezzi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The interplay among age and employment status on the perceptions of psychosocial risk factors at work INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2020
Economic stress, emotional contagion and safety outcomes: a cross-country study WORK 2020
Work-related stress in the healthcare sector: a tailored psychosocial risk assessment approach Proceedings of the 14th European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. "Promoting healthy and sustainable work" 2020
Applying the latent state-trait analysis to decompose state, trait, and error components of the self-esteem implicit association test EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT 2019
Cognitive failures in response to emotional contagion: Their effects on workplace accidents ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION 2019
Phenomenological configurations of workplace bullying. A cluster approach PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES 2019
Do temporary workers more often decide to work while sick? Evidence for the link between employment contract and presenteeism in Europe INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2019
Effects of pre-sleep cognitive intrusions on subjective sleep and next-day cognitive performance in insomnia BEHAVIOR THERAPY 2019
Assessing the risk of stress in organisations: getting the measure of organisational-level stressors FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2019
Lo stress lavoro-correlato: il ruolo delle variabili personali e organizzative GIORNALE ITALIANO DI PSICOLOGIA 2019
Understanding the interplay among regulatory self-efficacy, moral disengagement, and academic cheating behaviour during vocational education: a three-wave study JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS 2018
New perspectives on theories linking cognition, emotion, and context. A proposal from the Theory of Analysis of Demand PHILOSOPHICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Machiavellian ways to academic cheating. A mediational and interactional model FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Assessing objective and verifiable indicators associated with work-related stress: validation of a structured checklist for the assessment and management of work-related stress FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Academic dishonesty among Italian nursing students: a longitudinal study NURSE EDUCATION TODAY 2017
Psychometric characteristics of a new scale for measuring self-efficacy in the regulation of gambling behavior FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2017
Disentangling the roles of safety climate and safety culture: Multi-level effects on the relationship between supervisor enforcement and safety compliance ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION 2017
Safety climate and production pressure as moderators of workload-compliance link ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS 2017
Translation and testing of the italian version of FAMCARE-2: measuring family caregivers' satisfaction with palliative care JOURNAL OF FAMILY NURSING 2017
The self-rating scale of self-directed learning tool. Findings from a confirmatory factor analysis JOURNAL OF NURSING EDUCATION AND PRACTICE 2017

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