Giovanni Ruoppolo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Parent training and communication empowerment of children with cochlear implant JOURNAL OF EARLY INTERVENTION 2020
Variables influencing executive functioning in preschool hearing-impaired children implanted within 24 months of age: an observational cohort study EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY 2020
Machine-learning analysis of voice samples recorded through smartphones: the combined effect of ageing and gender SENSORS 2020
Sapienza global bedside evaluation of swallowing after stroke the globe-3s study EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 2019
Sperimentazione preliminare di un test di screening a consistenze multiple per la valutazione della disfagia orofaringea Volume abstract SIO 2019 2019
Non tutte le disfagie sono uguali! Il contributo della valutazione ORL/Foniatrica della funzionalità deglutitoria nelle diverse patologie neurologiche Abstract SIOeChCF 2019 2019
CoQ10 and vitamin A supplementation support voice rehabilitation. A double-blind, randomized, controlled, three-period cross-over pilot study FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY 2019
Voice parameter changes in professional musician-singers singing with and without an instrument: the effect of body posture FOLIA PHONIATRICA ET LOGOPAEDICA 2019
Voice pitch, musical and Pitch perception in implanted deaf children REVISTA MEDICO-CHIRURGICALă A SOCIETăţII DE MEDICI şI NATURALIşTI DIN IAşI 2019
Patologia della Laringe Organi di Senso Manuale per l'approccio integrato alle patologie testa-collo 2019
A stimulus for eating. The use of neuromuscular transcutaneous electrical stimulation in patients affected by severe dysphagia after subacute stroke: a pilot randomized controlled trial NEUROREHABILITATION 2019
Morfologia della laringe e tessitura: il contributo della Risonanza Magnetica abstract SIAF 2019 2019
Sperimentazione di un bedside screening test a differenti viscosità per la valutazione della disfagia orofaringea abstract SIAF 2019 2019
Late radiation-associated dysphagia in head and neck cancer patients: evidence, research and management ORAL ONCOLOGY 2018
La riabilitazione della disfagia: presupposti valutativi AUDIOLOGIA & FONIATRIA 2018
Quantitative Analysis of Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study for the Assessment of Laryngeal Elevation : A new software tool for processing Videofluoroscopic Images for Assessment of Patients with Dysphagia 2018
Alterazioni della deglutizione correlate all’età: la presbifagia VALSALVA 2018
Presbifagia e patologie neurologiche acute e neurodegenerative Presbifagia e presbifonia 2018
Dysphagia in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: impact on patient behavior, diet adaptation, and riluzole management FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2017


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