Cardiovascular endocrinology

Cardiologists have taught us how to conduct large and rigorous clinical trials, but now cardiologists are using our endocrine tools! The beta-adrenergic signaling or the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, and more recently the SGLT2 inhibitors, are examples of how neuroendocrine control is central to cardiovascular function. In 'endocrine hands', we are taking back such tools to reveal the molecular players involved. Using a range of approaches, from high-resolution imaging of living cells to in vivo genetic, surgical, and pharmacological manipulation, we address the potentials of neuroendocrine modulation of cardiac remodeling and repairing systems. As non-cardiologists, we managed to publish in Nature and top cardiology journals. We like tough challenges.

Responsabile del Gruppo

Andrea Isidori

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