Dream EEG database project

This ia a collaborative research project that we believe will be of high interest to scientific community. In brief, we will present a large number of data sets collected, or to be collected, by many different research teams of human sleep EEG and associated dream reports
on an open access platform; and we will also carry out a registered analysis of that collection. We intend for this to be a significant contribution to the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology—with potential reach to artificial intelligence, machine learning and mental health.
● We plan to assemble a large, expandable and open access collection of data sets consisting of sleep EEG/dream reports—a resource that currently does not exist
● We plan to conduct a registered analysis using the collection
● More data of its kind is needed to advance our knowledge of the neural correlates of dreams and consciousness

Responsabile del Gruppo

Luigi De Gennaro

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