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CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR System is a system for nucleic acid amplification and fluorescence detection in real time, for PCR quantitative and/or qualitative.

This instrument offers several features that make it easy to use and, at the same time, the most precise (in its market segment) PCR system available for quantitative and/or qualitative polymerase chain reaction.

The CFX96 Touch System is designed to advance qPCR. This system allows to: i) minimize sample and reagent use (up to 5-target multiplexing with sample volumes as low as 10 µl); ii) optimize reactions in a single run (thermal gradient feature); iii) analyze data faster (visualize all run data at once and export only the useful data in several format); iv) use advanced data analysis tools (normalized gene expression using CFX Manager™ Software); v) configure the system to fit experimental needs (run without a computer or run up to 4 systems from 1 computer). The CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR System works with or without PC connection (PC communication by USB). It has a display LCD touch screen (dimension 8,5”) which allows the direct visualization of real-time PCR data during run. In addition, this instrument can be connected to a LAN network to receive run data by e-mail. It has an onboard memory which registers up to 100 real-time PCR runs and more than 1000 run protocols. The instrument possesses a 6 channels excitation LED source and a 6 photodiodes filtered detector, both at controlled temperature. Its range of detectable excitation / emission wavelength is 450-730 nm. Resolution power of 1000 and 2000 genomic equivalents. This is a high sensitivity system (up to genomic single copy in human genomic DNA) with a linear dynamic range of samples up to 10 logs. It contains a reaction block with 96 well x 0.2 ml with temperature gradient, compatible with plates, strip and “low-profile” 0.1 ml plastics. System FAST with max ramp rate 5°C/sec (with the possibility to modify ramp rates, if needed). It possesses the following characteristics related to temperature: temperature range 0-100°C, accuracy +/-0.2°C, uniformity +/-0.4°C, Temperature Settling time: 10 sec. Thermal Gradient by 8 temperatures (gradient range 1-24°C). It is equipped with a motorized lid with opening, closing, automatic pressure regulation.

This system can do parallel analysis up to five different fluorophores. It displays great flexibility in fluorescence chemistry. There is no needs for an additional dye to be used as passive fluorescence dye, and it works compatibility to all chemistry and reagents on the market (e.g., Sybr Green, TaqMan, FRET, etc...).

The CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR System is equipped with a multicomponent analysis algorithm to calculate with accuracy every dye emission component at every wavelength and emission spectral overlapping between fluorophores. Its operating system can make standard and calibration curves analysis and PCR efficiency calculation. This instruments can perform an absolute quantitation analysis, as well as relative gene expression analysis by DCT and DDCT method, and correction calculation algorithm as function of PCR efficiency. It makes the normalization by multiple housekeeping genes, and performs allelic discrimination and genotyping. Lastly, it is possible to upgrade software to a version GLP.  It is important to highlight that this system has a software compatible with the common operative systems, and includes several tools which allow an independently use by numerous researchers. Indeed, it is possible to personalized access to different software sections, so creating different user profiles with specific setting up. This system is also able to send email notification at the end of run, delivering report and data file.  In addition, run, data analysis and management software is free to be installed in every PC and updates can be free downloaded by Bio-Rad Laboratories web site.

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Real time quantitative PCR (RQ-PCR)

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