iBright FL1000 Imaging System

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The iBright FL1000 Imaging system is a powerful, easy-to-use western blot and gel documentation system. They provides sensitive, streamlined, multimode image capture. This acquisition image instrument connects to the user through a large capacitive touch screen interface and intelligently designed software to provide stunningly easy western blot and gel imaging. Fluorescent detection offers excellent quantitation and multiplex capability. Chemiluminescent detection delivers the ultimate sensitivity for imaging low abundance proteins. These instruments offers both. Fast Chemiluminescent Detection without film. Capture all your gel and blot images on a single instrument, as DNA, protein, colorimetric or photometric. Dedicated chemiluminescence system with extendable fluorescence capabilities, optional epi or trans-illumination options for blot or gel, adaptable to Spectra Capsules for Epi UV, blue, green, red, NIR, IR fluorescence options on blots.  This imaging system is a compact benchtop instrument which is equipped with five fluorescent channels: three in the visible fluorescence range (RGB) and two in the near infrared (NIR) fluorescence range, which enables compatibility with a wide range of fluorescence dyes. Multiplex up to four channels simultaneously in a single western blot. For example, the iBright FL1000 provides fast, accurate, chemiluminescent detection using an advanced 9.1 MP CCD camera to capture chemiluminescent images with high sensitivity and dynamic range. The incorporated advanced CCD technology results in greater to or equal sensitivity to X-ray film and provides enhanced dynamic range and signal linearity. Capture stained nucleic acid gels (e.g. ethidium bromide, SYBR green, SYBR safe etc.) using the integrated environmentally friendly long-life green LED-based transilluminator, which provides a light source without harmful UV rays or mercury waste from UV transilluminator bulbs. The built-in 12.1 inch LCD touch screen features multi-touch technology that enables pinch-and-zoom, pan-to-move images, and swipe-to-switch between channels and overlays. Acquired images can be easily exported through USB ports, local network drive connection, or Wi-Fi and stored in a secure TFCloud. The TFCloud is web browser-based software tools that are flexible, fast and easy to use. These software tools are compatible with Mac or PC. The Qubit 4 Fluorometer apparatus allows a fast, simple and accurate measurement of RNA quality and the Qubit RNA IQ test provides a quick and simple method to check if an RNA sample has degraded. The assay uses two unique dyes: one that binds to large and intact RNA and another that selectively binds to small and degraded RNA. Together they allow to quickly assess the quality and integrity of an RNA sample. To use, simply add the samples to the RNA IQ working solution, then measure the Qubit fluorometer 4. Save samples and bench space The carefully designed Qubit 4 Fluorometer requires samples of only 1-20 ml. It is intended for use at room temperature and occupies only a small amount of counter space. The Qubit 4 Fluorometer is equipped with advanced optical and data analysis algorithms, is equipped with USB key and cable for data transfer in Excel software and software downloads, as well as a universal power supply, four adapters and CE electromagnetic certification. Calculations and settings are performed automatically by the instrument. Qubit assays for use with the Qubit 4 Fluorometer are all performed using the same general protocol, which uses a simple mix-and-read format with incubation times of only two minutes for DNA and RNA analysis.

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