Quantum Cascade Laser for Micro/Nanometric Spectroscopy - QCL MIRcat

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The MIRcat-xB is a field-proven multi-quantum cascade laser system. It features high-speed tuning, high spectral repeatability, improved thermal management fro room-temperatire operation without a cooling system, and long-wavelength option to the first generation of QCLs. The MIRcat is truly a one-box, fully automated system with a flexible, modular design that allows factory configuration of up to four pulsed or continuous wave/pulsed modules, plus the option to add or upgrade modules later. The MIRcat offers a tuning range approaching 1000 cm-1 (> 6 µm) and wavelength coverage to > 11 µm. It also delivers unmatched, industry-leading performance in critical areas like peak tuning speeds of > 10,000 cm-1/s, output power up to 1 W, and TEM00 beam quality to enable high-efficiency fiber coupling. A new, higher-precision tuning mechanism and lower-noise drive electronics provide wavelength repeatability as high as < 0.1 cm-1.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wavelength availability: 5.5-11 µm
  • Tune up to 1000 cm-1 speeds up to 5000 cm-1/s
  • CW* or pulsed output (up to 1 MHz/10% duty)*
  • Ultra-quiet CW: RIN as low as -140 dBc/Hz
  • Superb TEM00 beam quality and low beam pointing allows fiber coupling
  • High output power  > 0.5 W (average)
  • GUI and SDK command sets included
  • Proprietary HFQD™ circuitry protects your chips



  • Standoff detection
  • Process control
  • Atmospheric research
  • Nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy
  • TIC, VOC, and GHG chemical and biological agent detection
  • Combustion diagnostics
  • Biomedical diagnostics
  • Imaging
  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy
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CLNS Center for LifeNanoscience
RM110 - Regina Elena Edificio B
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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

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