NERG - Nuclear Engineering Research Group

The Nuclear Engineering Research Group - NERG - is currently engaged in national and international researches in the field of safety and sustainability of nuclear fission applications and in research and technological development related to IV generation fission and nuclear fusion reactors, mainly in the international framework through the participation in several projects funded by the European Commission, including the participation in the EUROFusion Consortium, aimed at the development of the DEMO thermonuclear fusion demonstration reactor.

Research is mainly focused on the following fields:

  • Two-phase Thermal Hydraulics, Code development, nuclear technologies and safety: Ref. Gianfranco Caruso (Group Leader)
  • Nuclear Thermo-Hydraulics and System Engineering: Ref. Fabio Giannetti
  • Magnetohydrodynamics and CFD: Ref. Alessandro Tassone
  • Thermo-mechanics: Ref. Luciano Gramiccia (retired)
  • Risk Analysis and Reactor Physics: Ref. Massimo Frullini
  • Nuclear Safety and Accidents: Ref. Matteo D'Onorio

Educational activities:

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