Gianfranco Caruso


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Main outcomes of the Phebus FPT1 uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in the EU-MUSA project ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY 2024
Experimental analysis of flow boiling heat transfer in multi-microchannel evaporators JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES 2024
Development of a thermal-hydraulic model for the EU-DEMO Tokamak building and LOCA simulation ENERGIES 2023
OECD/NEA/CSNI/WGAMA PERSEO benchmark: Main outcomes and conclusions NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2023
Subchannel modelling capabilities of RELAP5-3D© for wire-spaced fuel pin bundle NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2023
Water Chemistry Impact on Activated Corrosion Products: An Assessment on Tokamak Reactors ENERGIES 2023
3D MHD analysis of prototypical manifold for liquid metal blankets NUCLEAR FUSION 2023
Thermal-hydraulic optimization of a proposed EU-DEMO hydrogen passive removal system FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2023
Passive hydrogen recombination during a beyond design basis accident in a fusion DEMO plant ENERGIES 2023
Dynamic event tree analysis of a severe accident sequence in a boiling water reactor experiencing a cyberattack scenario ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY 2023
Tritium transport in the vacuum vessel pressure suppression system for helium cooled pebble bed FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2023
Experimental analysis of flow boiling heat transfer in multimicrochannel evaporators 40th International Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer (UIT) 2023
Manufacturing of PAV-ONE, a Permeator against Vacuum Mock-Up with Niobium Membrane ENERGIES 2023
Cutting-edge R&D activities of CIRTEN in support of the Technology Park annexed to the Italian National Repository of radioactive waste IL NUOVO CIMENTO C 2023
Presentation and Preliminary Test of APRIL: A New Facility for the Characterization of Antipermeation Coatings for Fission and Fusion Applications FUSION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2023
Preliminary MHD pressure drop analysis for the prototypical WCLL TBM with RELAP5/MOD3.3 FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2022
DEMO – The main achievements of the Pre – Concept phase of the safety and environmental work package and the development of the GSSR FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2022
Tokamak cooling systems and power conversion system options FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 2022
Numerical Simulation of High-Density Ratio Bubble Motion with interIsoFoam FLUIDS 2022
Three-dimensional MHD flow in moderate change ratio orifice JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES 2022


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  • Sustainable technologies & development

Interessi di ricerca

Advanced heat transfer and thermal-hydraulics in fission and fusion nuclear plants; magnetohydrodynamics; alternative energy and energy saving; two-phases heat transfer and flow; design of components and systems for energy production plants; studies on physical properties of fluids; heat exchange equipments; thermodynamic cycles of nuclear power plants; nuclear safety in fission and fusion plants.


Fission energy
fusion energy
nuclear thermal hydraulics
nuclear accidents
heavy liquid metals (HML)

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