Clinical, neurophysiological and neuroimaging findings in patients with essential tremor.

Proponente Alfredo Berardelli - Professore Ordinario
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Antonio Suppa Componenti il gruppo di ricerca / Participants in the research project
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Giovanni Fabbrini Componenti il gruppo di ricerca / Participants in the research project

Essential tremor (ET) is an heterogeneous condition. It is still unknown whether ET should be considered a specific disease entity or whether under the definition of ET there are multiple disease entities. Patients with different ET subtypes, likely have a specific pattern of clinical, motor and non motor symptoms, including cognitive and psychiatric abnormalities. In addition, the various ET subtypes likely have pathophysiological differences, as assessed by neurophysiological and neuroimaging investigations. Clinical and pathophysiological differences of the various ET subtypes may also affect the responsiveness to pharmacological treatment, including propranolole. The aim of the study is to provide a systematic characterization of the clinical features of ET patients and a deeper insight into the pathophysiological mechanisms of these conditions. Finally, the results of the study would also allow a better comprehension on the use of propanol in the therapeutic management of ETpatients.


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