Time-Domain Shielding through Graphene Structures

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The interaction of electromagnetic fields with a graphene sheet has been the subject of many investigations in recent years, in view of the potential applications of such an exceptional two-dimensional (2-D) material to future high-frequency circuits and systems, and in emerging nanoelectronic and nanoelectromagnetic applications. Examples include graphene nano-interconnects for all-carbon electronic systems, reconfigurable planar antennas, filters and absorbers, and RF shields.

On the other hand, direct time-domain analyses of electromagnetic systems offer both computational advantages and valuable physical insight into the involved wave phenomena, with respect to indirect analyses based on inverse Fourier transformation of the relevant frequency-domain solutions, whenever the frequency spectrum of the source waveform has a large fractional bandwidth or, equivalently, the transient waveform has pulse-like features. This is the case in a number of applications of increasing diffusion and importance, such as ultra-wideband antenna systems, integrated circuits and associated interconnects for ultra-high bit-rate signal processing, etc.

The goal of this research program is the development of suitable analytical tools to evaluate the time-domain shielding performance of promising nanomaterials, such as graphene, through a direct analysis in the time domain, deriving efficient and accurate formula which serve as guidelines to design graphene components as effective shields to protect apparatuses or systems against transient electromagnetic waveforms due to pulsed external sources.


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