Ontology-based open data publishing

Proponente Maurizio Lenzerini - Professore Ordinario
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In many aspects of our society there is growing awareness and consent on the need for data-driven approaches that are resilient, transparent and fully accountable. But to achieve a data-driven society, it is necessary that the data needed for public goods are readily available. Thus, it is no surprising that in recent years, both public and private organizations have been faced with the issue of publishing and exchanging open data. Although there are several works on platforms and architectures for publishing open data, there is still no formal and comprehensive methodology supporting an organization in deciding which data to publish, and carrying out precise procedures for publishing high-quality data, suitably annotated with semantic information. The recent paradigm of Ontology-based Data Management (OBDM) is an attempt to provide principles and techniques for a new way of managing data, based on knowledge representation and reasoning techniques. An OBDM system is constituted by an ontology, the data sources forming the information system, and the mapping between the ontology and the sources.

The basic assumption for this project is that the Ontology-based Data Management paradigm can provide a formal basis for a principled approach to publish high-quality, semantically annotated open data. There are three pillars of the project: foundations, system and experimentation. As for the first pillar, we will study basic problems in applyIng OBDM in open data publishing, and we will define algorithms for carrying out the corresponding tasks. For the second pillar, we will extend the MASTRO system with suitable features implementing the designed algorithms. The resulting system will be the first tool providing semantic open data publishing capabilities based on ontologies. For the third pillar, we will experiment out techniques and tools in two real-world scenarios, one related to an Italian Public Administration, and one related to Cultural Heritage archives.


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