Leonardo Gualtieri


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Detecting Massive Scalar Fields with Extreme Mass-Ratio Inspirals PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2023
Detecting fundamental fields with LISA observations of gravitational waves from extreme mass-ratio inspirals NATURE ASTRONOMY 2022
Applications of the close-limit approximation: horizonless compact objects and scalar fields CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 2022
Quasinormal modes of rotating black holes in Einstein-dilaton Gauss-Bonnet gravity: The second order in rotation PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2022
Extreme mass-ratio inspirals as probes of scalar fields: Eccentric equatorial orbits around Kerr black holes PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2022
Impact and detectability of spin-tidal couplings in neutron star inspirals PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2022
Quasinormal modes of rotating black holes in Einstein-dilaton Gauss-Bonnet gravity: The first order in rotation PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2021
Hidden symmetry between rotational tidal Love numbers of spinning neutron stars PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2021
Parametrized ringdown spin expansion coefficients: A data-analysis framework for black-hole spectroscopy with multiple events PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2020
Towards numerical relativity in scalar Gauss-Bonnet gravity: 3+1 decomposition beyond the small-coupling limit PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2020
Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA GENERAL RELATIVITY AND GRAVITATION 2020
A New Method to Constrain Neutron Star Structure from Quasi-periodic Oscillations THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2020
Detecting Scalar Fields with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2020
General Relativity and its Applications Black Holes, Compact Stars and Gravitational Waves 2020
Accretion in strong field gravity with eXTP SCIENCE CHINA. PHYSICS, MECHANICS & ASTRONOMY 2019
Electromagnetism and hidden vector fields in modified gravity theories: Spontaneous and induced vectorization PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2019
Stability of scalarized black hole solutions in scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2019
Self-interactions and spontaneous black hole scalarization PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2019
Black holes and binary mergers in scalar Gauss-Bonnet gravity: Scalar field dynamics PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2019
From micro to macro and back: Probing near-horizon quantum structures with gravitational waves CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 2019

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