Andrea Crisanti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Machine Learning use for prognostic purposes in Multiple Sclerosis LIFE 2021
Universality class of the motility-induced critical point in large scale off-lattice simulations of active particles SOFT MATTER 2021
A single-agent extension of the SIR model describes the impact of mobility restrictions on the COVID-19 epidemic SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Considering patient clinical history impacts performance of machine learning models in predicting course of multiple sclerosis PLOS ONE 2020
Statistical field theory and effective action method for scalar active matter PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2020
Condensation versus ordering: from the spherical models to Bose-Einstein condensation in the canonical and grand canonical ensemble PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2019
Statistics of optimal information flow in ensembles of regulatory motifs PHYSICAL REVIEW. E 2018
Collaboration between a human group and artificial intelligence can improve prediction of multiple sclerosis course. A proof-of-principle study F1000RESEARCH 2018
Path integral approach to random neural networks PHYSICAL REVIEW. E 2018
Heat fluctuations of Brownian oscillators in nonstationary processes: Fluctuation theorem and condensation transition PHYSICAL REVIEW. E 2017
Noise Enhances Action Potential Generation in Mouse Sensory Neurons via Stochastic Resonance PLOS ONE 2016
Statistical mechanics models for multimode lasers and random lasers PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE 2016
A simple spin model for three step relaxation and secondary processes in glass formers JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS 2015
Replica Fourier Transform: Properties and applications NUCLEAR PHYSICS. B 2015
General phase diagram of multimodal ordered and disordered lasers in closed and open cavities PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2015
The glassy random laser: Replica symmetry breaking in the intensity fluctuations of emission spectra SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015
Complex spherical 2 + 4 spin glass: A model for nonlinear optics in random media PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2015

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