Riccardo Savio


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Stopping or Continuing to Follow Best Practices in Terms of ESG during the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Exploratory Study of European Listed Companies SUSTAINABILITY 2023
A systematic literature review on ESG during the COVID-19 pandemic SUSTAINABILITY 2023
Sustainability Disclosure and IPO Performance: Exploring the Impact of ESG Reporting SUSTAINABILITY 2023
Gli effetti delle caratteristiche dell’Audit Committee sulla performance ESG RIVISTA ITALIANA DI RAGIONERIA E DI ECONOMIA AZIENDALE 2023
The CSR committee as moderator for the ESG score and market value CORPORATE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2023
Exploring risk management issues in the technological sector. The effect of the Use of derivatives hedging on technology firms’ value INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2022
Organizational behaviour and firm performance. A study of Italian retail industry RISK GOVERNANCE & CONTROL: FINANCIAL MARKETS & INSTITUTIONS 2021
Piani di Stock Option nelle Imprese di famiglia quotate italiane 2021
The role of guarantees to access financial markets. A study of Italian companies CORPORATE OWNERSHIP & CONTROL 2020
What determines firm investments? An empirical investigation on the role of local institutional quality, industry regulation and state ownership ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS 2020
Enjoy today, because nothing is sure about tomorrow. Unintended effects of temporal debt suspension ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS 2019

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