Siamak Hosseinzadeh


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Developing particle-based models to predict solar energy attenuation using long-term daily remote and local measurements JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2024
Proposal of a Reflector-Enhanced Solar Still Concept and Its Comparison with Conventional Solar Stills WATER 2024
Designing high-share 50% and 100% renewable energy scenarios for Ragusa by sustainable energy toolkit application SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS 2024
Innovative continuous heating-enhance solar still farm- A case study for irrigation in a pistachio orchard SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS 2024
Application of PCM in a Zero-Energy Building and Using a CCHP System Based on Geothermal Energy in Canada and the UAE BUILDINGS 2024
An in-depth thermo-electrical evaluation of a rooftop PV technology for a residential building using advanced infrared thermography ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 2023
Thermography and machine learning combination for comprehensive analysis of transient response of a photovoltaic module to water cooling RENEWABLE ENERGY 2023
Thermo-economic analysis, energy modeling and reconstructing of components of a single effect solar–absorption lithium bromide chiller for energy performance enhancement ENERGY AND BUILDINGS 2023
Thermo-economic assessment and optimization of a multigeneration system powered by geothermal and solar energy APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 2023
Grid-connected renewable energy systems flexibility in Norway islands’ Decarbonization RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 2023
Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system driven with solar-wind energy and thermoelectric based on thermo-economic analysis using multi-objective optimization technique ENERGY REPORTS 2023
A transient simulation for a novel solar-geothermal cogeneration system with a selection of heat transfer fluids using thermodynamics analysis and ANN intelligent (AI) modeling APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 2023
Techno-economic assessment of hybrid energy flexibility systems for islands’ decarbonization. A case study in Italy SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS 2022
The real-time dynamic multi-objective optimization of a building integrated photovoltaic thermal (BIPV/T) system enhanced by phase change materials JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE 2022
A solar thermal driven ORC-VFR system employed in subtropical Mediterranean climatic building ENERGY 2022
Exploring the penetration of renewable energy at increasing the boundaries of the urban energy system – The PRISMI plus toolkit application to Monachil, Spain SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS 2022
The prismi plus toolkit application to a grid connected Mediterranean island ENERGIES 2022
Waste chicken feathers integrated with phase change materials as new inner insulation envelope for buildings JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE 2022
Integration of heat extraction from abandoned wells with renewables Utilization of Thermal Potential of Abandoned Wells: Fundamentals, Applications and Research 2022
Thermophysics Analysis of Office Buildings with a Temperature–Humidity Coupling Strategy Under Hot-Arid Climatic Conditions INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMOPHYSICS 2021


  • PE8_6
  • PE8_7
  • PE8_11


  • Sustainable technologies & development


Renewable Energy Sustainability and the Environment
computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
thermal energy efficiency
renewable energy sources (RES)
thermal energy-performance
Solar energy
greenhouse gas emissions
energy storage
Exergy analysis
building energy optimization
CO2 emissions
heat exchange

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