Simonetta Mattiucci


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Proteomic characterization of extracellular vesicles released by third stage larvae of the zoonotic parasite Anisakis pegreffii (Nematoda: Anisakidae) FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR AND INFECTION MICROBIOLOGY 2023
Ascaridoid parasites in European sardine throughout the annual cycle: Variability in parasitic load according to host stock features INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PARASITOLOGY. PARASITES AND WILDLIFE 2023
Genetic diversity of contracaecum rudolphii sp. A (nematoda: anisakidae) parasitizing the european shag phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii from the spanish mediterranean coast FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE 2023
Can Food Safety Practices and Knowledge of Raw Fish Promote Perception of Infection Risk and Safe Consumption Behavior Intentions Related to the Zoonotic Parasite Anisakis? SUSTAINABILITY 2023
Basophil activation test in the diagnosis of Anisakis allergy. An observational study from an area of high seafood consumption in Italy PATHOGENS 2023
Black spot diseases in seven commercial fish species from the english channel and the north sea. Infestation levels, identification and population genetics of Cryptocotyle spp PARASITE 2023
An update and ecological perspective on certain sentinel helminth endoparasites within the mediterranean sea PARASITOLOGY 2023
Post-mortem tissue migration of Anisakis simplex (s.s.) larvae (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in three commercially harvested fish species from the northeast atlantic. The role of storage time and temperature FOOD CONTROL 2023
Distribution and genetic diversity of anisakis spp. in cetaceans from the northeast atlantic ocean and the mediterranean sea SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Anisakid nematodes in Trichiurus lepturus and Saurida undosquamis (Teleostea) from the South-West Indian Ocean. Genetic evidence for the existence of sister species within Anisakis typica (s.l.), and food-safety considerations FOOD AND WATERBORNE PARASITOLOGY 2022
Ascaridoid nematodes infecting commercially important marine fish and squid species from Bangladesh waters in the Bay of Bengal FOOD AND WATERBORNE PARASITOLOGY 2022
De novo transcriptome assembly and annotation of the third stage larvae of the zoonotic parasite anisakis pegreffii BMC RESEARCH NOTES 2022
Knowledge, attitudes and food safety practices of raw fish consumers: how to understand their risk perception and future behavior intentions to promote their health preventing the risk of infection Book of Abstract. 30º Congresso dell’ Associazione Italiana di Psicologia 2022
Anisakis spp, DNA detection in paraffin-embedded tissue biopsies recovered from patients with gastritis using real-time PCR in Bushehr, Persian Gulf, Iran MOLECULAR AND BIOCHEMICAL PARASITOLOGY 2022
Presenza di agenti plastificanti nei molluschi: revisione sistematica della letteratura sui metodi di valutazione dei livelli di contaminazione Atti del 55° Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Igiene, Medicina Preventiva e Sanità PubblicaJOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND HYGIENE 2022
Integrative Taxonomy Reveals Molicola uncinatus and Gymnorhynchus gigas (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) Coinfection in the Atlantic Pomfret Brama brama From the Mediterranean Sea, With Notes on the Phylogenetic Position of G. gigas Within the Family Gymnorhynchidae FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE 2022
Blastocystis Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity 2021
Malaria in an asylum seeker paediatric liver transplant recipient: diagnostic challenges for migrant population JOURNAL OF INFECTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES 2021
Malaria in an asylum seeker paediatric liver transplant recipient: Diagnostic challenges for migrant population JOURNAL OF INFECTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES 2021
First molecular detection of the parasites Molicola uncinatus and Hepatoxylon trichiuri (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) infecting the silver scabbardfish Lepidopus caudatus from the Central Mediterranean Sea: Implications for the seafood quality and safety FOOD CONTROL 2021

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