Roberto Di Leonardo


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
A microfluidic method for passive trapping of sperms in microstructures LAB ON A CHIP 2023
Light Controlled Biohybrid Microbots ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2023
Colloidal transport by light induced gradients of active pressure NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Light-Driven Flagella Elucidate the Role of Hook and Cell Body Kinematics in Bundle Formation PRX LIFE 2023
Rectification and confinement of photokinetic bacteria in an optical feedback loop NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
Optical diffraction tomography of 3D microstructures using a low coherence source OPTICS EXPRESS 2022
Flagellar elasticity and the multiple swimming modes of interfacial bacteria PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 2022
A virtual reality interface for the immersive manipulation of live microscopic systems SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
Brownian fluctuations, hydrodynamics and elasticity of a microhelix Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 2020
A transition to stable one-dimensional swimming enhances E. coli motility through narrow channels NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020
Invariance properties of bacterial random walks in complex structures NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019
Brownian fluctuations and hydrodynamics of a microhelix near a solid wall 2019
3D dynamics of bacteria wall entrapment at a water–air interface SOFT MATTER 2019
Giancarlo Ruocco: From inelastic X-ray scattering to neuroscience 2019
Currents and flux-inversion in photokinetic active particles SOFT MATTER 2018
Dynamic density shaping of photokinetic E. coli ELIFE 2018
Microrheology of DNA hydrogel gelling and melting on cooling SOFT MATTER 2018
An optical reaction micro-turbine NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2018
Holographic imaging reveals the mechanism of wall entrapment in swimming bacteria PHYSICAL REVIEW. X 2017
Light controlled 3D micromotors powered by bacteria NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017

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