Chiara Salvitti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
From ascorbic acid to furan derivatives: the gas phase acid catalyzed degradation of vitamin C PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2018
Sulphur dioxide cooperation in hydrolysis reactions of vanadium oxide and hydroxide cluster dianions NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 2018
Vanadium hydroxide clusters in the gas phase: bond-forming reactions of doubly-charged negative ions by SO2-promoted V-O bond activation. CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 2017
Selective gas-phase conversion of D-fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfuraldehyde through a base-assisted dehydration process Atti del xxvi congresso nazionale della società chimica italiana 2017
Synthesis and characterization of two new triads with ferrocene and C60 connected by triple bonds to the beta-positions of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin JOURNAL OF PORPHYRINS AND PHTHALOCYANINES 2017
Characterization of naproxen–polymer conjugates for drug-delivery JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE POLYMER EDITION 2016
Vitamin C: an experimental and theoretical study on the gas-phase structure and ion energetics of protonated ascorbic acid JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY 2016
Reaction of [(η5-C5H5)-M]+ (M = Mn, Fe, Co) with Dichloromethane in the Gas-Phase: C-C Bond Formation and Production of MCl2 21th International Mass Spectrometry Conference 2016
A mass spectrometric study of the acid-catalysed d-fructose dehydration in the gas phase CARBOHYDRATE RESEARCH 2015
Iron-promoted C-C bond formation in the gas phase ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2015

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