Massimiliano Giona


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Another normality is possible. Distributive transformations and emergent Gaussianity PHYSICA. A 2024
Modal representation of inertial effects in fluid–particle interactions and the regularity of the memory kernels FLUIDS 2023
The fourfold way to Gaussianity. Physical Interactions, distributional models and monadic transformations AXIOMS 2023
Inertial effects and long-term transport properties of particle motion in washboard potential PHYSICA. A 2022
Invariant manifold approach for quantifying the dynamics of highly inertial particles in steady and time-periodic incompressible flows CHAOS 2022
Stochastic modeling of particle transport in confined geometries. Problems and peculiarities FLUIDS 2022
Hydrodynamic Green functions. Paradoxes in unsteady Stokes conditions and infinite propagation velocity in incompressible viscous models MECCANICA 2022
On the dynamic role of energy in underdamped particle motion PHYSICA. A 2022
Bitensorial formulation of the singularity method for Stokes flows MATHEMATICS IN ENGINEERING 2022
Taming Taylor-Aris dispersion through chaotic advection JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2022
New formulation of the Navier–Stokes equations for liquid flows JOURNAL OF NON-EQUILIBRIUM THERMODYNAMICS 2022
Exact moment analysis of transient/asymptotic dispersion properties in periodic media with adsorbing/desorbing walls PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2022
Microalgae cultivation by uncoupled nutrient supply in sequencing batch reactor (SBR) integrated with olive mill wastewater treatment CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2021
Swelling and Drug Release in Polymers through the Theory of Poisson–Kac Stochastic Processes GELS 2021
Generalized reflection method for the stokes equation in confined geometries. Applications to microfluidics and particle transport CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2021
Space-time inversion of stochastic dynamics SYMMETRY 2020
A hybrid numerical approach for predicting mixing length and mixing time in microfluidic junctions from moderate to arbitrarily large values of the Péclet number CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE 2019
Laminar dispersion at low and high Peclet numbers in a sinusoidal microtube: point-size versus finite-size particles PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019
Mass transport in polymers through the theory of stochastic processes possessing finite propagation velocity CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2019
Exact moment analysis of transient dispersion properties in periodic media PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 2019

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