Monica Ballarino


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
The long noncoding RNA Charme supervises cardiomyocyte maturation by controlling cell differentiation programs in the developing heart ELIFE 2023
A multifunctional locus controls motor neuron differentiation through short and long noncoding RNAs EMBO JOURNAL 2022
Advances in endogenous RNA pull-down: A straightforward dextran sulfate-based method enhancing RNA recovery FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES 2022
Epigenetic regulation of Wnt7b expression by the cis-acting long noncoding RNA Lnc-Rewind in muscle stem cells ELIFE 2021
Muscle regeneration and RNA: new perspectives for ancient molecules CELLS 2021
Targeting the expression of long noncoding RNAs in murine satellite cells from single myofibers BIO-PROTOCOL 2021
The Noncoding side of cardiac differentiation and regeneration CURRENT STEM CELL RESEARCH & THERAPY 2020
HOTAIRM1 regulates neuronal differentiation by modulating NEUROGENIN 2 and the downstream neurogenic cascade CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2020
Visualization of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Long Noncoding RNAs at Single-Cell Level by RNA-FISH Capturing chromosome conformation. Methods and protocols 2020
Intronic Determinants Coordinate Charme lncRNA Nuclear Activity through the Interaction with MATR3 and PTBP1 CELL REPORTS 2020
Protein complex scaffolding predicted as a prevalent function of long non-coding RNAs NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2018
The Long Non-coding RNA lnc-31 Interacts with Rock1 mRNA and Mediates Its YB-1-Dependent Translation CELL REPORTS 2018
Deficiency in the nuclear long noncoding RNACharme causes myogenic defects and heart remodeling in mice EMBO JOURNAL 2018
The ever-evolving concept of the gene: The use of RNA/Protein experimental techniques to understand genome functions FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES 2018
The lncRNA Charme regulates skeletal muscle differentiation and heart development Abstract book 2018
Non-coding regulation of myogenic chromatin Abstract book 2018
Long Noncoding RNA Regulation of Pluripotency STEM CELLS INTERNATIONAL 2016
Non-coding RNAs in muscle differentiation and musculoskeletal disease THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2016
Divergent lncRNAs take the lead on pluripotent cell differentiation STEM CELL INVESTIGATION 2016

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