Laura Sadori


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
δ13C and δ15N from14C-AMS dated cereal grains reveal agricultural practices during 4300–2000 BC at Arslantepe (Turkey) REVIEW OF PALAEOBOTANY AND PALYNOLOGY 2017
Changes in the Near Eastern chronology between 5th and 3rd millennium BC: new AMS 14C dates from Arslantepe (Turkey) Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, August 12-20, 2017, University of Ottawa 2017
Natural and human impact in Mediterranean landscapes. An intriguing puzzle or only a question of time? PLANT BIOSYSTEMS 2017
Precipitation changes in the Mediterranean basin during the Holocene from terrestrial and marine pollen record. A model-data comparison CLIMATE OF THE PAST 2017
Organic geochemical and palynological evidence for Holocene natural and anthropogenic environmental change at Lake Dojran (Macedonia/Greece) THE HOLOCENE 2017
BRAIN. Cooperative network and website Mediterranean palynology symposium 2017. Abstracts Book 2017
A 500.000 yrs paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic record from the Balkans inferred from Lake Ohrid pollen data Mediterranean palynology symposium 2017. Abstracts Book 2017
Lago di Vico, central Italy. A detailed late Holocene pollen record Mediterranean palynology symposium 2017. Abstracts Book 2017
Palynology of the last interglacial complex in the western Balkans Mediterranean palynology symposium 2017. Abstracts Book 2017
I sedimenti dei porti imperiali di Roma come archivi dei cambiamenti ambientali e del paesaggio: un approccio multidisciplinare Roma, Tevere, Litorale. Ricerche tra passato e presente 2017
Investigação arqueobotânica dos sedimentos arqueológicos de Paço dos Lobos da Gama: um arrabalde islâmico da cidade de Évora (séculos XI-XII) DIGITAR 2017
Climate, environment and society in southern Italy during the last 2000 years. A review of the environmental, historical and archaeological evidence QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2016
Pollen-based paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic change at Lake Ohrid (south-eastern Europe) during the past 500 ka BIOGEOSCIENCES 2016
Human-climate interactions in the central Mediterranean region during the last millennia. The laminated record of Lake Butrint (Albania) QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2016
Holocene evolution of Lake Shkodra. Multidisciplinary evidence for diachronic landscape change in northern Albania QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2016
Realising consilience. How better communication between archaeologists, historians and natural scientists can transform the study of past climate change in the Mediterranean QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2016
Sedimentological processes and environmental variability at Lake Ohrid (Macedonia, Albania) between 637 ka and the present BIOGEOSCIENCES 2016
Terrestrial biosphere changes over the last 120 kyr CLIMATE OF THE PAST 2016
Aligning and synchronization of MIS5 proxy records from Lake Ohrid (FYROM) with independently dated Mediterranean archives: implications for DEEP core chronology BIOGEOSCIENCES 2016
Pollen from late pleistocene hyena (Crocuta crocuta spelaea) coprolites. An interdisciplinary approach from two Italian sites REVIEW OF PALAEOBOTANY AND PALYNOLOGY 2016


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Interessi di ricerca

  • ricostruzioni paleoambientali e paleoclimatiche nel bacino del mediterraneo
  • valutazione dell’impatto antropico e delle modifiche indotte dal clima sull'ambiente del passato


Mediterranean climate Holocene pollen analysis
Holocene sediment

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