Matteo Candidi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Virtual lesion of right posterior superior temporal sulcus modulates conscious visual perception of fearful expressions in faces and bodies CORTEX 2015
Subliminal presentation of emotionally negative vs positive primes increases the perceived beauty of target stimuli EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2015
Causative role of left aIPS in coding shared goals during human-avatar complementary joint actions NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015
Interactional leader-follower sensorimotor communication strategies during repetitive joint actions JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY INTERFACE 2015
Joint-actions in brain damaged patients with or without limb apraxia. 2015
Joint action in brain damaged patients, with or without limb apraxia 2015
Visual and sensorimotor contributions to the esthetic appraisal of body form, motion, and emotion EUROPEAN PSYCHOLOGIST 2015
Social cues to joint actions: the role of shared goals FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2015
From muscles synergies and individual goals to interpersonal synergies and shared goals: Mirror neurons and interpersonal action hierarchies Comment on “Grasping synergies: A motor-control approach to the mirror neuron mechanism” by D’Ausilio et al. PHYSICS OF LIFE REVIEWS 2015
Prejudiced interactions. Implicit racial bias reduces predictive simulation during joint action with an out-group avatar SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015
The right temporo parietal junction plays a causal role in maintaining the internal representation of verticality JOURNAL OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2015

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