Edoardo Calizza


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Space-time monitoring of coastal pollution in the Gulf of Gaeta, Italy, using δ15N values of Ulva lactuca, landscape hydromorphology, and Bayesian Kriging modelling MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN 2018
Time- and depth-wise trophic niche shifts in Antarctic benthos PLOS ONE 2018
The role of alien fish (the centrarchid Micropterus salmoides) in lake food webs highlighted by stable isotope analysis FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 2018
Stable Isotope Approach in Environmental studies International Congress on Agriculture Engineering and Related Industries 2018
The effects of nitrogen pollutants on the isotopic signal (δ15N) of Ulva lactuca. Microcosm experiments MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN 2017
Isotopic determination of the trophic ecology of a ubiquitous key species. The crab Liocarcinus depurator (Brachyura: Portunidae) ESTUARINE, COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE 2017
Epilithon δ15N signatures indicate the origins of nitrogen loading and its seasonal dynamics in a volcanic lake ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2017
Effect of habitat degradation on competition, carrying capacity, and species assemblage stability ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2017
Lake water quality for human use and tourism in Central Italy (Rome) Water and Society IV 2017
Stable isotopes and digital elevation models to study nutrient inputs in high-arctic lakes RENDICONTI LINCEI. SCIENZE FISICHE E NATURALI 2016
Site-scale isotopic variations along a river course help localize drainage basin influence on river food webs HYDROBIOLOGIA 2016
Effects of terrestrial input on macrobenthic food webs of coastal sea are detected by stable isotope analysis in Gaeta Gulf ESTUARINE, COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE 2015
Stable isotope-based statistical tools as ecological indicator of pollution sources in Mediterranean transitional water ecosystems ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2015
Predator and detritivore niche width helps to explain biocomplexity of experimental detritus-based food webs in four aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems ECOLOGICAL COMPLEXITY 2015
Stable isotope variations in benthic primary producers along the Bosphorus (Turkey). A preliminary study MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN 2015
Effect of multiple disturbances on food web vulnerability to biodiversity loss in detritus-based systems ECOSPHERE 2015

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