Pierpaolo Brutti


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Towards global monitoring: equating the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) and food insecurity scales in Latin America Models for Data Analysis: SIS 2018, Palermo, Italy, June 20–22 2023
Supervised Classification for Link Prediction in Facebook Ego Networks With Anonymized Profile Information JOURNAL OF CLASSIFICATION 2022
Persistence Flamelets: Topological Invariants for Scale Spaces JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS 2022
A convolutional approach to forecast reconciliation The 24th International Conference on Computational Statistics 2022
Universal change point testing for dependent data Book of short papers. SIS 2022 2022
Reprogramming FairGANs with Variational Auto-Encoders:
 A New Transfer Learning Model Book of short papers. SIS 2022 2022
Topological persistence for astronomical image segmentation Book of short papers. SIS 2022 2022
etree: Classification and Regression With Structured
and Mixed-Type Data in R Book of short papers. SIS 2022 2022
Supervised learning with indefinite topological Kernels STATISTICS 2021
Hierarchical forecast reconciliation on Italian covid-19 data SIS 2021 | Book of Short Papers 2021
Spherical autoregressive change-point detection with applications Book of short papers. SIS 2021 2021
Wasserstein consensus for Bayesian sample size determination Book of short Papers SIS 2020 2020
Il linguaggio R e il nuovo ruolo della Statistica nell’insegnamento della Matematica ARCHIMEDE 2020
A comparison of the CAR and DAGAR spatial random effects models with an application to diabetics rate estimation in Belgium Book of short Papers SIS 2020 2020
Topological and Mixed-type learning of Brain Activity SIS2020 Book of short papers 2020
Unsupervised Energy Trees: Clustering With Complex and Mixed-Type Variables SIS2020 Book of short papers 2020
Should I stay or should I go? Using bibliometrics to identify the international mobility of highly educated Greek manpower SCIENTOMETRICS 2020
Multiresolution topological data analysis for robust activity tracking Smart Statistics for Smart Applications. Book of Short Papers SIS2019 2019
ETrees: A Generalization of Conditional Trees to Mixed-Type Data EMS2019 Program and Book of Abstracts 2019
PCA-based discrimination of partially observed functional data, with an application to Aneurisk65 dataset STATISTICA NEERLANDICA 2018

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