Marco Bravi


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Wine Lees as Alternative Substrate for Microalgae Cultivation: New Opportunity in Winery Waste Biorefinery Application WASTE 2023
Industrial bio-fractionation process of microalgae valuable products using supercritical {CO}2. A techno-economical evaluation CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN 2022
Mass transfer features of wavy-bottomed cascade photobioreactors CHEMENGINEERING 2022
Amine-free CO2-switchable hydrophilicity solvents and their application in extractions and polymer recycling GREEN CHEMISTRY 2022
Industrial Case-Study-Based Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling of Stirred and Aerated Bioreactors ACS OMEGA 2022
An innovative simplified one-pot process for Astaxanthin purification from Paracoccus carotinifaciens SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY 2022
Techno-economic evaluation of heterotrophic microalgal cultivation approaches CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2022
Evaluation of Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus obliquus growth on pretreated organic solid waste digestate WASTE MANAGEMENT 2021
Astaxanthin extraction from Paracoccus carotinifaciens employing fatty acid based natural deep eutectic solvents CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2021
Extraction of anthocyanins from grape (Vitis vinifera) skins employing natural deep eutectic solvents (NaDES) CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2021
Model-based prediction of perceived light flashing in recirculated inclined wavy-bottomed photobioreactors PROCESSES 2021
Antioxidant extraction and bioactivity preservation from winery by-products by Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NaDES) CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2020
Development of a process for n-butanol recovery from ABE wastewater streams by membrane technology CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2019
Design and Bench-Scale Hydrodynamic Testing of Thin-Layer Wavy Photobioreactors WATER 2019
Leveraging novel green solvents to drive conceptual and practical biorefinery innovation Catalysis, green chemistry and sustainable energy 2019
Detoxification of olive oil mill wastewaters by liquid-liquid extraction with natural deep eutectic solvents CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2019
Development of semi-theoretical light radiation and photosynthetic growth model for the optimal exploitation of wastewaters by microalgae CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2018
Growth of microalgae in spectrum-neutral, volume-distributed light restriction as the baseline of wastewater exploitation CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2018
Circular extraction. An innovative use of switchable solvents for the biomass biorefinery GREEN CHEMISTRY 2018
A novel switchable-hydrophilicity, natural deep eutectic solvent (NaDES)-based system for bio-safe biorefinery RSC ADVANCES 2018

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