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Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Technological sovereignty and strategic dependencies. The case of the photovoltaic supply chain JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2024
Platform work and economic insecurity in Italy STRUCTURAL CHANGE AND ECONOMIC DYNAMICS 2023
Between a rock and a hard place. Long-term drivers of EU structural vulnerability ECONOMIA PUBBLICA PUBLIC ECONOMICS Department of Economics and Law 2023
Comparative advantages in the digital era–A Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek approach INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 2023
Regimes of robotization in Europe ECONOMICS LETTERS 2023
Fiscal policy, public investment and structural change. A P-SVAR analysis on Italian regions REGIONAL STUDIES 2023
The diffusion of digital skills across EU regions: structural drivers and polarisation dynamics REGIONAL STUDIES, REGIONAL SCIENCE 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Employment: A Look into the Crystal Ball 2023
Working from home and the explosion of enduring divides. Income, employment and safety risks ECONOMIA POLITICA 2022
The asymmetric impact of war. Resilience, vulnerability and implications for EU policy INTERECONOMICS 2022
From Heron of Alexandria to Amazon’s Alexa: a stylized history of AI and its impact on business models, organization and work ECONOMIA E POLITICA INDUSTRIALE 2022
Monopoly capital in the time of digital platforms. A radical approach to the Amazon case CAMBRIDGE JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2022
Il capitale monopolistico ai tempi delle grandi piattaforme digitali ECONOMIA & LAVORO 2022
Technology, risk, and support for social safety nets. An empirical exploration based on Italy Digitalization and the Welfare State 2022
Innovation drivers of external competitiveness in the great recession SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS 2021
What drives employment–unemployment transitions? Evidence from Italian task-based data ECONOMIA POLITICA 2021
Skill mismatch and the dynamics of Italian companies’ productivity APPLIED ECONOMICS 2021
The privilege of working from home at the time of social distancing INTERECONOMICS 2020
A fragile and divided european union meets Covid-19. Further disintegration or ‘Hamiltonian moment’? ECONOMIA E POLITICA INDUSTRIALE 2020
Quantity and Quality of Work in the Platform Economy Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics 2020

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