Gianluca Vagnani


Titolo Pubblicato in Anno
Corporate social responsibility and satisfaction in service industries: a systematic review and integrative framework SOCIETY AND BUSINESS REVIEW 2023
Traders’ heterogeneous beliefs about stock volatility and the implied volatility skew in financial options markets FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS 2023
Green innovation and the stock market value of heavily polluting firms: The role of environmental compliance costs and technological collaboration BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2023
Green innovation and heavily polluting firms’ stock market value ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNUAL MEETING PROCEEDINGS 2023
Review of: "Impact of entrepreneurial orientation on business performance: Analysis of small-medium sized corn enterprises" QEIOS 2023
A novel methodology to disambiguate organization names: an application to EU Framework Programmes data SCIENTOMETRICS 2023
Investimenti diretti all'estero delle imprese, distanza istituzionale e servizi all'internazionalizzazione Strategie e governo dell'impresa 2023
Founder-Involvement in R&D and SMEs Performance: An expanded mediated-moderated framework SINERGIE 2023
Determining the dynamics of collaboration in EU Framework Programmes under a network perspective European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference 2023 2023
Outward foreign direct greenfield investments and firms predicted long-term stock volatility levels and connectedness. Evidence from China FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS 2023
Does founders’ local pre-founding experience influence SMEs’ innovativeness Rediscovering local roots and interactions in management 2023
Stock market reactions and optimism bias in analysts’ earnings forecasts: An analysis of China’s stock markets FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS 2023
Incidental Negative Life Events and the Disposition Effect at the Individual Level JOURNAL OF FINANCE AND INVESTMENT ANALYSIS 2022
L'impresa. Fondamenti, profili economico-finanziari e sostenibilità 2022
Does the founders’ involvement in R&D influence SMEs’ performance? TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 2022
Founder-Involvement in R&D and SMEs Performance Boosting knowledge & trust for a sustainable business 2022
Promotion and Prevention Focus Orientation in Mitigating the Disposition Effect JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, AND ECONOMICS 2021
An interpretive framework of the interplay of competition and cooperation THE JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE 2020
Corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and inter-temporal risk transfer JOURNAL OF MODERN ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING 2020
Elasticità della domanda, massimizzazione dei ricavi e intrinsic business risk Contributi in Onere di Gaetano Maria Golinelli 2020

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