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Feedback processes and fault memory as rulers of seismicity Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union 2023
Do Solid Earth Tides have a local behaviour? First results from the analysis of 20-year GNSS timeseries XXVIII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) 2023
A site-specific earthquake ground response analysis using a fault-based approach and nonlinear modeling: The Case Pente site (Sulmona, Italy) ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2023
Assessing crustal stability via fault stress perturbation analysis EGU General Assembly 2022 2022
Scaling properties of seismicity and faulting EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 2022
Correlation between seismic activity and tidal stress perturbations highlights growing instability within the brittle crust SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022
Estimation of the maximum earthquakes magnitude based on potential brittle volume and strain rate: The Italy test case TECTONOPHYSICS 2022
Tectonic setting and fault roughness vs earthquake double couple Atti 40° convegno nazionale del GNGTS 2022
Earth’s gradients as the engine of plate tectonics and earthquakes LA RIVISTA DEL NUOVO CIMENTO DELLA SOCIETÀ ITALIANA DI FISICA 2022
How details of faulting affect large scale properties of seismicity and tectonics Congresso Società Geologica Italiana 2022
Seismic response to tidal stress perturbations sheds new light on how fault patches become unstable Congresso Società Geologica Italiana 2022
The impact of faulting complexity and type on earthquake rupture dynamics COMMUNICATIONS EARTH & ENVIRONMENT 2022
Double-couple troubles 2022
Evidence for Triassic contractional tectonics in the Northern Dolomites (Southern Alps, Italy) JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 2022
Variable seismic responsiveness to stress perturbations along the shallow section of subduction zones. The role of different slip modes and implications for the stability of fault segments FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE 2022
Connecting Local Features of Coseismic Rupture to Large-scale Properties of Seismicity AGU Fall Meeting 2022 2022
AtlFast3: The Next Generation of Fast Simulation in ATLAS COMPUTING AND SOFTWARE FOR BIG SCIENCE 2022
Numerical analysis of interseismic, coseismic and postseismic phases for normal and reverse faulting earthquakes in Italy GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL 2021
The epicentral fingerprint of earthquakes marks the coseismically activated crustal volume EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS 2021
Asymmetric Atlantic continental margins GEOSCIENCE FRONTIERS 2021

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